The image of the countries of the Arab Maghreb is always associated in the minds of the mountains, green valleys, and the captivating scenery of hearts before the eyes. The Kingdom of Morocco is no less beautiful than that of the image long ago, but rather increases. The Kingdom, which is distinguished by a long history of escalating events, is also famous for its archaeological sites, historical buildings and popular markets that Its visitors return to the oldest human civilizations, as well as the charming beaches ideal for an unforgettable family summer vacation.
After this brief narrative of tourism ingredients, we did not mention very little of them, to take you on a more detailed tour among the most popular tourist regions of Morocco during this report?

The regions of Morocco

Best hotels in Morocco

Morocco includes a series of the finest hotels in the Arab region that combine authentic eastern style and high-quality Western service at prices that vary according to the capabilities and needs of the guest. The link provides a comprehensive guide to the best hotels in Morocco that have been evaluated and recommended by Arab travelers .. Read more

The most beautiful regions in Morocco

The most beautiful tourist regions of Morocco

Morocco includes a group of the most famous historical sites and archaeological sites, with a series of the most beautiful natural monuments that tourists come from all over the world, and perhaps one of the best tourist regions in Morocco:

Djemaa El-Fna Marrakech

If you are looking for beautiful regions in Morocco that provide you with a wonderful spiritual atmosphere, with the paths of fun and entertainment that camera lenses and curiosity of documentary photographers do not disappoint, welcome to Jemaa El Fna and its famous square.
The mosque is classified as one of the most famous tourist regions in Morocco in Marrakesh and placed on the lists of world heritage because of its distinguished ancient and unique architectural style that attracts attention, with a square that does not count for you to visit Morocco without going through it and enjoy its festive and cheerful atmosphere, where magicians, cutters, snakeers, monkeys and folk musicians are performing And other entertainment.
After a long journey inside the mosque and its famous square, you must have gone hungry. Then the food stalls call you to taste the delicious couscous and Moroccan dishes, and then close the day with a cup of delicious Moroccan tea .. Read more

The most beautiful regions of Morocco

Agadir Beach – Agadir

The beach of Agadir is one of the most beautiful areas in Morocco and most ideal for families and children because of its distinctive nature that appears in its pure sand and clear blue waters and what it provides of entertaining activities such as practicing different water sports or horse riding for its fans and hobbies while enjoying the gentle sun rays on the luxurious sunbathing facilities they provide. Shore management.
But if you are looking for beautiful areas in Morocco to enjoy a family outing away from all of that, you can stroll on the Corniche, sit at one of its family sessions, or the finest restaurants and cafes for a meal with a charming view of the sea .. Read more

Regions in Morocco

Majorelle Gardens – Marrakech

The Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech is one of the most beautiful areas in Morocco and most ideal for family picnics or for lovers of recreation and enjoy the magical landscapes as if he was moving between the countries of the world to catch his eyes and nose from him as he pleases.
The park, the most famous of its kind in Marrakech, is also classified as one of the oldest and most prestigious tourist attractions in Morocco. It includes a group of the rarest and most distinctive plants collected from the five continents of the world since the year 1924, since the famous French painter Jacques Majorelle finished her design to become now an ideal spot for the enjoyment of visitors and fans of Morocco .. read more

The best regions of Morocco

Ait Ben Haddou – Ouarzazate Region

The heritage villages of Ait Ben Haddou are the best example among the tourist regions of Morocco to get acquainted with the history of the kingdom and its ancient heritage, thanks to its former vital location between the commercial caravan route of the Sahara Morocco and the ancient city of Marrakech.
Ait Bin Haddou Village is known to this moment for its simple antique architectural houses decorated with elaborate carvings and painted in a unified color with exquisite artistic image, in addition to its six historical walls and castles, its “Kasbah” which made it a wonderful backdrop for the most famous international cinema movies.
Currently, the village is an archaeological tourist attraction rather than a residential area where a limited number of families live after most of its residents move to modern modern homes on the other side of the river.

Regions in Morocco

Bahia Palace – Marrakech

Bahia Palace is the most famous ancient and archaeological and historical region of Morocco in Marrakech, where it dates back to the 19th and 20th centuries AD, the period during which Sultan Al Hammadi Moulay Hassan ruled the city.
The building of the palace, which was founded by the Grand Minister of the Sultan by praising several legends, it is rumored that its construction came in glorification of the wife of the Grand Vizier, who carries her name.
Touristic Bahia Palace is an ideal eye-catching spot with its unique and wonderful architecture that you can enjoy its beauty and splendor by taking a tour of the palace gardens and its backyard where the fountains, wooden beams, arched marble arcades and other tombstones of authentic Moroccan art and beauty .. Read more

The most beautiful regions in Morocco

Al-Karaouine Mosque – Fes

Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Morocco, and one of the most famous, along with several giant and ancient mosques, such as Al-Fna, Hassan II, Koutoubia, and others.
The history of the mosque dates back to the middle of the ninth century AD, although most of its parts were built and designed during the twelfth century, when the Almoravid state reigned in Morocco.
The historic mosque is famous for its simple architecture, elaborate Qur’anic decorations, and its fine details of gypsum domes and arches, and it is one of the most famous archeological sites in Morocco recommended to be visited in Fez .. Read more

Beautiful regions in Morocco

Ouzoud Falls – Ouzoud

The waterfalls flowing from the Oum Er Rbia river in the Azilal region are among the most famous natural regions in Morocco, thanks to its height, which makes it one of the highest waterfalls in North Africa, reaching 110 meters.
The Ouzoud Waterfalls region is characterized by its picturesque nature due to its surrounding green fountains, valleys and meadows, with a group of old traditional mills, river streams and backgrounds from the famous Atlas Mountains.
Ouzoud is one of the most beautiful regions in Morocco that you can pass through after completing a visit to Marrakech, the most famous tourist and historical areas in Morocco.

The regions of Morocco

Toubkal Mountains – Armad

The Toubkal Mountains of Ermad are among the best in Morocco for climbers, safaris and camping enthusiasts, who can enjoy the excitement and adventure of madness and extreme comfort.
The Toubkal Mountains are ranked as the highest among the mountain ranges of the Maghreb and the second highest mountain in Africa, thanks to its high altitude of 4167 meters above sea level.

The most beautiful regions of Morocco

Bab Al-Mansour – Meknes

It is the most famous and beautiful door between the gates of Medina and Morocco as a whole thanks to its elaborate delicate decorations that combine porcelain and marble with blue mosaics with giant arches that have not forgotten their share of the decoration.
Bab Al-Mansour is one of the regions in Morocco that witness the splendor and beauty of the art of the Ismaili era in the Kingdom, as it dates back to the end of the 17th century after the founder and ruler of Meknes Moulay Ismail ordered his construction so that his son could complete it after him on the same approach that combines the authenticity of the East with the luster and splendor of European architecture.

The most beautiful regions in Morocco

Ifrane National Park – Ifrane

If your trip to Morocco is accompanied by family and children, then of course you will not find a place to take them on a pleasant walk better than the Ifrane National Park, one of the best areas of Morocco for walks with the family amid the charming nature, which guarantees you the opportunity to get acquainted with the wild nature of the city and the Kingdom in general through a group of the rarest plants Domestic birds and animals such as mountain juniper trees, beech, green oak, marine pine, cedar and black lions, with rare barberry macaques.

Regions in Morocco

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