Cordoba Botanical Garden is one of the places of natural Cordoba, built in the Andalusian style and includes nurseries and forests that contain many trees and roses. The gardens also include the Yubutani Museum, which includes a variety of different plants. The botanical gardens were opened in Cordoba in 1987.

Botanical gardens in the city of Cordoba

Activities you can do in the Botanical Gardens of Cordoba

• The gardens have a number of sections that you can walk around, each section includes a different number of plants, trees and flowers of delightful color.

Botanical gardens in the Spanish city of Cordoba

• You can wander among the forests that match natural forests to breathe clean air and spend a time of relaxation and tranquility in the nature.

Botanical gardens are among the most beautiful places of tourism in Cordoba, Spain

You should also head to the Yubutani Museum, which contains various types of plants, including plants dating back to ancient times.

Cordoba Botanical Gardens is one of the most important tourist places in Cordoba Spain

• Do not forget to visit the section called the School of Agriculture, which includes a number of edible plants, medicinal herbs and types of vegetables and fruits, and visit greenhouses that contain special types of plants that need a specific environment for growth.

Botanical gardens are one of the most important places of tourism in Spain Cordoba

Entry times

On Mondays, the park is closed.
The rest of the week, the park is available for visiting from 10:00 in the morning until 17:30 in the evening.

Entry prices

For adults 3 euros.
For children 1.50 euros.

Hotels near Cordoba Botanical Gardens

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The NH Cordoba Guadalquivir, a distinguished 4-star hotel in Cordoba, is 800 meters from the Botanical Gardens of Cordoba.
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The location of the Cordoba Botanical Gardens on the map

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