One of the most famous tourist attractions in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur is the Kuala Lumpur Tower, which stands as a symbol of Kuala Lumpur at an altitude of 421 meters and is the fourth highest tower in the world and is the highest building in the city.
In addition to the communication towers that improve the efficiency of communications and radio broadcasting, the tower includes factors to attract visitors and tourists, such as shops, restaurants, and others. The Kuala Lumpur Tower was officially opened in 1996.

Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse, Malaysia

Things to do at Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse, Malaysia:

• You can enjoy watching a panoramic view of the city of Kuala Lumpur and its most important features through the observation platform for visitors, which is located at the top of the tower.

Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse, Malaysia

• Do not forget to take some distinctive pictures that seem to fly in the air because of the height of the tower and the fact that the observation platform is glass, which increases your photos.

Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse, Malaysia

• You can visit the mini zoo in the tower, which includes a number of animals known in Malaysia, such as raccoons, marxas, and some other animals, which will increase your knowledge of Malaysian culture.

Kuala Lumpur tower, Malaysia

• You can also visit the huge fish ponds, which includes a large number of different colored fish such as clown fish and anemones and others.

Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse, Malaysia

• Your visit to the Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse will not be complete unless you visit the (Inverted House), which is the house that was completely designed with its décor and furniture, but in an inverted position and is the place designated for photography, so you can take some different photos of you with the help of workers in this place.

Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse, Malaysia

• For more entertainment, you should enjoy the XD theater, which gives you the opportunity to watch short films in 3D technology. You can also enjoy the cellulite that gives you the opportunity to race cars, but on your seat.

Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse, Malaysia

• You must go to the souvenir shop or gift shop to purchase some of the products or souvenirs that document your visit to this different place.

Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse, Malaysia

• After a fun tour around the Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse and its features, you must like to eat something, so the Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse building includes a number of restaurants that offer different international dishes. There are also restaurants that offer snacks and some desserts and drinks

Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse, Malaysia

Visit times:

Everyday from nine in the morning until ten in the evening.

entrance fees:

For adults: 45 ringgit.
For children: 42 rings.

Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse, Malaysia Hotels – Malaysia:

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Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse website

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