India is a beautiful and fun country full of magic and exciting experiences, offering its visitors many colorful cities and lively markets, in addition to a variety of incredible historical and tourist attractions, if this is your first visit to India, get to know us with these useful tips that will help you greatly during Your flight.


Depending on the region you are visiting in India, you may need specific vaccinations or other forms of disease prevention, so before traveling you should consult your doctor about the need for vaccination, and do not neglect the health precautions before the trip until you enjoy your beautiful holiday in good health.
You may know that the most common complaint by visitors to India for the first time is fatigue and extreme stress, so everyone simply tries to see a lot in a short time, yes India is wonderful and has many distinct places to visit, but it is large and large and it is difficult to discover all its cities on a trip For one, plan your trip wisely and don’t rush when you visit India.
When traveling to India, you will need a set of loose and comfortable clothes, especially when visiting in the summer, and it is advisable to bring a pair of strong shoes suitable for hiking, as well as mosquito repellent, and hand sanitizer.

Be careful when crossing the streets

Remember, despite the beauty of India known to everyone, it is a crowded country and is experiencing a lot of traffic accidents, so even in most urban areas of India, you will likely encounter traffic caused by the lack of proper controls in general, where you will find in the roads a mixture of cars Motorcycles, and tuk tuk, so if you are planning to rent a car (or even bike), make sure you are aware of the driving rules in India.

Be flexible

Be prepared when traveling to India to meet the large crowds, train and bus lag, and loud noise, because you are in a new country and beautiful and full of magic, try to discover it even if you find things that you did not expect.

Travel alone. Adhere to required safety standards

If you are planning to travel alone to India for the first time, do a lot of research before your trip, and it is best for you to stay away from areas known to be violent while not going out to remote areas in the dark, and do not hesitate to raise your voice if you find what worries you, moreover, always keep With local emergency numbers to call, if you have concerns about something on your way.

Bargaining for goods between street markets

Traveling to India
If you are traveling to India at the height of the tourist season, know when visiting the markets that the sellers are exaggerating in raising prices a lot in order to earn more money, and therefore you must abide by the bargain with reducing the price required by almost half to obtain an incomparable collection of local products and beautiful souvenirs. Affordable prices, in addition, try not to show sellers and shop owners that this is your first visit to India.
And if you have the option, try to avoid the busy tourist season, so that you save a lot of money, and you can get what you want by shopping at cheap prices.

Physical dealings

While most hotels, some restaurants, shops and major tourist attractions in India accept credit cards, it is always best to have Rs (the Indian currency) at your fingertips when purchasing local products from sellers in public markets.

Local culture

India is full of wonderful cultural traditions, so try enjoying one of the experiences there, including Ayurvedic spa treatment or even henna painting and many more, so enjoy discovering all new in this diverse country.

Eating when traveling to India

Your visit to India will not be complete without trying the delicious local dishes, especially among the street stalls, but choose the best among them, which is popular with tourists and locals as well, and always keep with you some non-perishable snacks, as you may be stuck in a long traffic jam and need it . In general, be careful when eating meat, sometimes it is not always fresh, and do not drink tap water, and ensure the integrity of the bottled water package.

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