Princesses Island Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Turkey, which is a group of islands located on the Sea of ​​Marmara, including 4 major islands and 5 smaller islands of area, extending its history to the Byzantine era as it was used as an exile for kings and princes and continued to be used as well during the period of Ottoman rule.

Princess Island trip is the most beautiful trip to Istanbul for recreation and tranquility, and the distance from Istanbul to the island takes about an hour and a half, and it is also called the Princes’ Islands.

We have dedicated this report to adventure lovers and the peaceful atmosphere, as it includes a comprehensive report on princesses island trip in detail with dates and where to take off.

Activities you can do during Princess Island Trip

• A trip to the island of princesses begins with arriving at the island, by taking the ships from Kabatach Island, Princess Island, to Princess Island, through the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Princess Island Trip

Walk around the narrow islands streets surrounded by Victorian log houses or pristine pine forests.

Enjoy traditional horse-drawn carriages as the only way to travel around the island.

Princess Islands trips

• Tour the charming nature and intimate atmosphere on foot or by renting bicycles.

Kabatache Island, Princesses Island

• Visit the most important markets and stores on the island for souvenirs and gifts.

• Sitting in one of the princesses’ restaurants and savoring the most delicious cuisine in the traditional Turkish way.

Princess Island trip in detail

Princess Islands trips and prices

Flight prices vary according to several factors, including:

The itinerary, the organizer, and whether the trip is a visit to the islands only or if other means of transportation interfere with it, but in any case the prices of princesses’ trips range from:

The trip starts at nine thirty and ends at six in the evening, 120 Turkish liras for one person, inclusive of fees for riding the ship and the traditional horse-drawn carriage (cabriolet), visiting the largest of the islands, and lunch.

The journey starts at eight until five o’clock, 140 Turkish liras for an adult and 115 Turkish liras for children, the trip includes visiting 3 islands and then settling in the big island, ship and traditional cart fees, and lunch.

The journey starts at eighteen quarter and ends at six in the evening, 130 Turkish lira includes lunch, cart tour and ship boarding fees.

Princesses Island launch site

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