If you are looking for a trip in a country where beautiful archaeological sites in the heart of nature capture you, enjoy the desert scenery, and relax in the quiet coastal resorts, choose Jordan to be your next tourist destination between July and September. For a relaxing and enjoyable trip, Agoda, one of the fastest growing online travel platforms in the world, is showcasing five distinct destinations in Jordan that invite adventure enthusiasts to rediscover them.

If you are looking for archaeological sites that tell ancient religious stories, Ajoda recommends that you visit Madaba, also known as the Mosaic City, as it contains many ancient religious relics, as it is rich with more than two million pieces of local stones with bright colors. In addition, the city is famous for its delicious traditional Urdu cuisine. If you like to visit Madaba, book a private tour of the city by using the “tourist activities” service located on the “Ajoda” application and its location, and ask the local guides to explain the historical and cultural importance of many of the wonderful monuments that are there.

If you are a fan of beautiful architecture, head to the city of Salt, as it is a world heritage site according to the UNESCO classification, which brings you back to the past, and specifically to the Ottoman era.

And in case you are looking for an enjoyable diving experience, visit the city of Aqaba, which enjoys a sunny and fun nature, and contains beautiful beach resorts that make this less known destination an alternative and fascinating destination, where you can go diving or take diving trips to explore coral reefs and marine life, and enjoy the skiing experience On the water. This is only a visit to archaeological sites dating back to the Mamluk period in Jordan.

And you cannot forget to visit the Dead Sea, which is famous for the most salty water on the planet. Rich in salt and minerals makes the Dead Sea a haven for those looking for natural spa treatments. To ensure an integrated trip, Ajoda offers ideas for picnics and short trips to make the most of the trip, for example the five-day Taste of Jordan tour, which departs from the Dead Sea, and continues the adventures of exploring many wonderful sites, including Petra , Wadi Rum and Amman. This tour is an ideal opportunity to enjoy all the wonderful sights of Jordan.

Before you end your visit to Jordan, you must visit Petra, known as the “Pink City” due to the widespread use of sandstone throughout the city.

Agoda offers you 2440 accommodations in Jordan with options to suit everyone, so take inspiration from Ajoda a lot of tours, activities, and things you can do in Jordan.

A distinctive tour of Jordan with
A distinctive tour in Jordan with “Agoda”

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