Iceland is characterized by a lot of amazing natural places and strange places that are worth a visit, and there is still a lot to watch, but under the surface of the earth where there is a different and wonderful world that strikes breaths and amazes the eyes consisting of glaciers and crystal caves of different colors of red, orange and violet, along with blue rocks Wonderful, the caves are filled with light despite being in an area that stretches over dark areas most of the time.

These ice caves are the largest on the level of ice cover in Europe, and visitors can choose from a variety of trips that are held to explore the blue crystal caves whose ice formations differ every year because they are formed from the freezing of fresh water running inside it, therefore it is preferred to visit it during the winter and autumn to live an experience New every time.

During the trip, visitors will enjoy watching the Gokulsarlon Caves with golden circles, and they can walk on the blue glaciers and visit the Crystal Cave which reflects the stunning lights of the Northern Twilight. In addition, visitors will be able to see ice wonders inside the tunnels that nature carved into the heart of the icebergs for 2500 years.

Moreover, tourists will enjoy exploring the Lava Tunnel, which is one of the most famous and largest volcanic tunnels in Iceland and contains the most magnificent volcanic formations that flowed during the eruption of the Litran Volcano about 5200 years ago and that merge with the ice sculptures that are decorated in red.

Tourists are accompanied by a group of highly qualified and experienced people who are trained to walk inside these caves, and there are tourist trips on helicopters that take them to the relatively remote ice tunnels, which gives the opportunity for tourists to see the features of Iceland from the air and go to see the human-made ice tunnels inside some of the These caves, and an exciting tour of the Vatnajokol Glacier Caves that formed thousands of years ago and passes inside it one of the largest glaciers in the world and covers an area of ​​8000 km and a thickness of 1000 meters, which makes it the largest glacier in Europe.

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