Slovakia sits in an area surrounded by stunning landscapes that fascinate eyesight. Kosice stands out as the second largest and most important city in Slovakia, a historic city dating back to the medieval period and characterized by its attractive buildings that reflect the culture of the ancient city. Kosice has turned into a city of contemporary murals and an open gallery of modern art where there are more than twenty-six murals decorating the main streets.

Tourists can enjoy visiting the Sigismund Tower dating back to the 13th century to climb the 161-degree high stairs and enjoy the view of the city in a breathtaking scene where you can see the singing fountain in front of the large theater designed by Adolf Lange with a mixture of Baroque and modern art. Tourists visit the St. Elizabeth Cathedral dating from 1380 and it is characterized by its striking architecture that takes the form of mosaic decoration in brown, yellow and white colors.

The contemporary museum of culture and art includes many creations that decorated the court of kings, presidents, and popes, and is considered one of the most visited places for artists, business and tourists, as it provides a unique space to enhance art and education, and they can also sit in front of the sculpted Sandro Murray, one of the great great literary figures in the twentieth century.

The State Philharmonic is a popular tourist attraction in which tourists can enjoy local and distinctive music derived from Slovak culture. Families can visit the Kosice Zoo, which is the third largest zoo in Europe that includes the dinosaur park.

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