Here are the most popular theme parks around the world:

“Tokyo DisneySea” Tokyo, Japan
This park was opened in 2001 and is one of the most beautiful parks in the world, and it includes many interesting places such as horror tower and Indiana Jones adventures, and visitors can enjoy watching the largest fireworks shows, riding a sea submarine and going on a trip to the center of the earth along with many classic games Brilliant.
“Disneyland Paris” Marne-la-Vallee, France
It is one of the best theme parks in Europe as it combines traditional Disneyland elements but with a beautiful European style, and contains the haunted mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, the roller coaster and the world’s best thunder mountain.
“Hong Kong Disneyland” Hong Kong
It is one of the cities inspired by Disneyland California, where guests enter through the main street that is characterized by the American character, up to the Sleeping Princess Castle and then to the city of imagination and the land of adventure, as it contains a set of unique games such as mine cars and “Big Grizzly”, to Besides classic Disney games that have amazing sound effects.
“Universal Studios Singapore” Singapore
Opened in 2010, this park contains fantastic games like amazing “The Ultimate 3D” battles, spider-man adventures, and large and fast Rollercoaster.
“Tivoli Gardens” Copenhagen, Denmark
It is the second oldest theme park in the world, featuring classic horse riding games, the amazing roller coaster and “Daemonen”.
Busch Gardens Florida, USA
This city is the ideal destination for people who prefer to see real animals, it is located in a wild area and takes the character of South Africa where there are elephants, rhinoceros and many other wild animals, along with many games and recreational facilities such as large speed wheels and a racecourse.

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