The magic of the unspoilt nature overlaps with heritage and history in the province of Nova Scotia, which is located in eastern Canada, to form a sophisticated mixture of beauty and modernity at the same time, and the young community of this province seeks to make it a beacon of life, art and civilization.

And Nova Scotia sings picturesque natural places such as undulating plains, bays and stunning beaches, as it contains many fishing villages, historical places and beautiful cities that are worth a visit.

Halifax is considered one of the historic coastal cities in the province that mixes French, Scottish and English civilization, and enjoys a distinctive waterfront, and is home to music, art and festivals, as it contains a group of museums, restaurants and picturesque islands where tourists will be able to enjoy many sports and cultural activities.

The city of Wienburg embodies a vivid example of the shape of the English colonies in North America that was founded in 1753, and the old city still maintains its general shape and original structure that takes the form of coordinated boxes filled with colorful wooden buildings that were designed in Britain, and it is one of the wonderful places listed on the UNESCO Heritage List Global.
Tourists will enjoy watching the Vande Bay, which has the highest tides in the world, where about 100 billion tons of water retreats and then flows in and out of the bay every 6 hours, making it a favorite destination for many windsurfing and Zodiac lovers.

The visit of Nova Scotia is not complete without going on a trip to see the whale whales between the spring and autumn periods, which vary between blue whales, fly, humpback and mink, as well as watching migratory birds and enjoy tours to explore the picturesque nature in the Canadian countryside.

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