A tourist program in Shanghai .. Dear tourist, Shanghai is an important tourist destination in China due to its possession of many tourist attractions, where picturesque landscapes, museums and historical buildings.

Tourist program in Shanghai ..

The first day, “Shanghai Disneyland” ..

The first day, "Shanghai Disneyland" ..– The first day “Disneyland Shanghai” .. Dear tourist, to start a tourist program in Shanghai for a week by visiting “Disneyland Shanghai” was established in 2016 AD and many tourists go to it every year to reach the numbers of 6 million tourists, due to that it is considered one of the most beautiful Tourist destinations in Shanghai are the most recreational places similar to the original Disney world. Do not miss it. Dear tourist, to spend times in entertainment and play you will not forget, you must enter the Adventure Island to search for lost treasures where cliffs and camps, you will definitely enjoy it, also you must enter the “Cup Treasure” which It simulates a city that was a century old Eighteen pirates and the Caribbean pirates took it over. You also have to enter the land of dreams for the presence of a Disney princesses castle that is characterized by its large size and it is fun to wander around and inside it by boat to feel that you are in the world of Aladdin or the beautiful and the monster so you cannot miss to take memorial photos to commemorate For these wonderful moments, as there is near Mickey Street, which provides many cartoon characters such as Uncle Batut and Mickey Mouse, so you buy as special souvenir gifts, Disneyland begins to work from eight in the morning until ten o’clock in the evening, seven days a week, with an admission price of 370 RMB per person and 2 80 yuan Chinese for children.

The second day, “Oriental Pearl Tower – and Yuan Bazar” ..

The second day, "Oriental Pearl Tower - and Yuan Bazar" ..– The second day, “Oriental Pearl Tower – and Yuan Bazar” .. “” Oriental Pearl Tower “is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai. It is surrounded by two bridges, Yangpu in the north and Nanbu in the south. Its length reaches 468 meters, and it is the second longest TV tower in China and the fourth continent of Asia, so a lot of tourists go to it to see its unique architecture and enter the balloon room where there is no gravity. It is definitely an interesting experience that will make you feel in space. You have to enter different halls that take you to more than one world as a trip to the forests and other to the South Pole and others Among the wonderful places, as there is a museum, the tower is considered one of the most important m Shanghai antiques and the most beautiful because it tells the visitors the history of the city and its development through the ages and you cannot miss a delicious Chinese meal in the revolving restaurant at the top of the tower at a height of 267 meters above sea level, you will eat in a wonderful atmosphere where the beautiful panoramic view of the city, the tower is available throughout the week Throughout the whole day, the entry ticket price is determined according to your program and ranges from 160-230 Chinese yuan. “Yuan Bazar” is one of the cheapest markets in Shanghai, so you should visit it to buy distinctive Chinese products and souvenirs. The market is characterized by its popular atmosphere that will enable you to get to know the local people closely and the culture of the Chinese people.

Day 3 “Shanghai Museum – The Bund District”

The third day "Shanghai Museum - The Bund District" ..– The third day “Shanghai Museum – The Bund Region” .. “Shanghai Museum” Dear tourist, to get to know the history of the city and the various historical epochs that passed through it is necessary to visit the Shanghai Museum, which takes you on a journey to return to the past as the museum cares about the arts, you will find many archaeological holdings Such as antiques, paintings, sculptures and other wonderful artifacts that stand out to the visitor’s philosophy and wisdom of China, dating back thousands of years. The museum also includes a wide garden filled with green spaces so you should sit on its benches to relax and have a drink and take memorial photos in front of this beautiful museum, the pain begins Antiques at work from nine o’clock until five o’clock in the evening and it is worth noting that the museum provides about 8 thousand free tickets daily, dear tourist The museum is located in the heart of the city in the People’s Square go to it is worth seeing. “Bond region” This region is a tourist destination Wonderful located on the banks of the Huangpu River, the region is distinguished by its beautiful architecture that mixes Gothic, Baroque, classical and Renaissance styles, so we find concrete sculptures and magnificent relics like the bronze statue of Qi Yi, so take a stroll through the streets to enjoy these beautiful scenery in addition to the wonderful natural scenery Of the private river at sunset and green spaces of plants and a variety of colorful flowers do not miss the souvenir pictures taken in this wonderful area which combines history and nature, and when you feel hungry Go to a restaurant and eat a meal of delicious Chinese seafood.

Day 4 “Shanghai Ocean Aquarium – Nanjing Shanghai Street”

Day 4 "Shanghai Ocean Aquarium - Shanghai Nanjing Street" The fourth day “Shanghai Ocean Aquarium – Nanjing Street Shanghai” “Shanghai Ocean Aquarium” is located in Lujiazui area and is characterized by its proximity to the East Pearl Tower, large numbers of tourists go to it because it is one of the largest ocean basins in the world, it is distinguished by its construction in the form of a pyramid to include what More than 15,000 marine creatures for about 300 different species, such as fish of all kinds, poisonous frogs, penguins, coral reefs and other beautiful marine creatures, some of which are rare, but the aquarium aims to preserve them and try to increase their numbers such as Yangtze crocodiles and sturgeon, we confirm Dear dear you, the basin will enable you to find out There is a lot about the secrets of marine creatures, as it is a great destination for children. Do not miss to take souvenir photos beside these marine creatures. The basin also provides a store selling souvenirs, so choose what you want to gift it to your family and loved ones when you return. The basin starts to work from nine in the morning until Six o’clock in the evening and the entrance ticket price is 160 yuan for adults and 110 yuan for children. “Nanjing Shanghai Street” is one of the most famous streets of Shanghai, so it is necessary to take a stroll at night, dear tourist, to see a lot of shops that number up to 600 shops, so buy whatever you want from The products are especially popular The manual, which reflects the Chinese culture, also resides in the street at night a number of musical bands that played beautiful music tracks that emit in self calm and serenity.

The fifth day “Shanghai Zoo” ..

The Fifth Day "Shanghai Zoo" ..– Fifth day “Shanghai Zoo” .. Dear tourist, “Shanghai Zoo” must be part of a tourist program in Shanghai for a period of 7 days, as it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the city. It is located next to the international airport Hongqia, and its area is large, reaching 885 thousand meters. Square, when you visit the garden you will be able to see more than 6000 animals such as giant pandas, manchurian tigers, hippopotamus, chimpanzees, penguins and sea lions in addition to about 600 endangered animals such as golden monkeys and dear tourists do not miss the experience of feeding animals such as giraffes and elephants and from Children certainly like it To you a lot, when you feel tired, you have to relax on the grass and have a snack or a drink. You can also ride bicycles or walk in the designated paths. The park starts working from 7:30 in the morning until 5 in the evening. The entrance ticket price is 40 yuan for adults. And 20 yuan for children.

The sixth day, “Yuyuan Shanghai Park” ..

The sixth day, "Yuyuan Shanghai Park" ..– Sixth day, “Yuyuan Shanghai Garden” .. “Yuyuan Shanghai Garden” is located in Anrin J district in Shanghai, it is distinguished by its age of more than 500 years, so it is one of the oldest and most beautiful city parks and its area is about 20000 square meters, when you visit it you will see buildings and rocks Old in addition to the green areas of huge antique trees and roses, you should sit back to relax and enjoy watching them, if you love running, the garden provides dedicated paths for that, and there are a lot of rocks that are fun to climb to get a wonderful view of the garden as a whole and take pictures of the memorial and the garden provides Dedicated play areas Children, the garden starts to work from eight thirty in the morning until five o’clock in the evening, all days of the week. As for entrance fees, 40 yuan for adults and children under 6 years of age, they are free to enter.

Day Seven “Madame Tussauds” ..

Day Seven "Madame Tussauds" ..– The seventh day “Madame Tussauds Museum” .. “Madame Tussauds Museum” is considered one of the most important tourist attractions that must be placed in a tourist program in Shanghai for a period of 7 days. This museum has great international fame so it has several branches in different countries so you should visit it, dear tourist, to watch Statues of wax for famous people, whether artists, athletes, politicians and others, but these statues seem as if they are real, so do not miss to take pictures next to your favorite personalities, then the picture will appear real, alongside that the museum tells its visitors its history and the story of Madame Tussauds, if you are a fan of excitement then you must enter Scream room before leaving the museum this room was exposed to For visitors to the most intimidating places around the world and represent them with wax, the museum has a café where you can have a cup of coffee in it and the museum starts working from ten in the morning until nine in the evening all days of the week.

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