The Taga River lends a beautiful shine to the city, especially on the pleasant summer evenings, while the ancient Lisbon history expresses its authenticity and beautiful heritage, where you can see the castle and the Fama that reflect the Maghreb period, and it is necessary to visit the Castle of Saukhurji and the city museum and the unique doll museum in Convento das Bernardas
Rossio Square is still a witness to the beauty of this city and its greatest events since the Middle Ages, and locals and tourists gather in it today to enjoy cafes and shops and a little history, as it includes the Church of Iringa de São Domingos and the statue of the king and the noble John, in addition to the “Santa Justa Elevator” who is old For a century, it offers great sights and is a short walk from the square.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of the most exciting destinations in Europe, it may be due to its young and creative residents or it could be the renaissance of gourmets and art taking place in the city and perhaps thanks to a mixture of wonderful museums and historical monuments. The foothills of the seven cinematic hills overlooking Rio Tejo form the perfect panorama of postcards for cobbled alleys, ancient ruins and white-domed cathedrals, a magical sight designed for centuries.

Exploring the old neighborhoods on foot is part of the pleasure of visiting Lisbon, where among the beautiful hills and cobbled streets are the most beautiful restaurants, souvenir shops and vibrant cafes frequented by locals.

Only 20 minutes away, city visitors can enjoy the quiet beaches that surround the city, while the stunning Silver Beach is about an hour away from Lisbon and is characterized by its luxurious resorts, fun activities and stunning natural scenery.

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