There are these charming waterfalls in Austria, specifically the state of Salzburg, which is located in the center of Austria, and what distinguishes it is its distinguished location in the middle of the Alps and the height of these waterfalls above the sea level is about 1470 meters. To the top of those waterfalls after an hour and a half, but the time may be prolonged due to the frequent cessation of enjoying the magic of nature in that region.

Weather in Carmel Falls

This place is one of the suitable places for lovers of skiing during the winter period and it is possible to practice a lot of winter sports during that period of the year, and during the summer season the atmosphere of the region becomes warm except that the water remains very cold and it is possible to be exposed to fluctuations of the weather throughout the year so it is better to visit The area is heavily dressed even during the summer, and many experiences have confirmed that being in that area positively affects human health.
Concentration of negative ions in cold air contributes to activating the immune system in the body and thus preventing exposure to diseases.

The best activities in Krimml Waterfalls

In view of the magical nature that God Almighty loved for the region, it is possible to practice many activities during the visit to that region, which is among them.
1- That the area around these waterfalls is very suitable for camping and more exploratory trips, especially for nature lovers.
2- Climbing the mountain to the top of the waterfall and on the way, it is possible to discover many types of trees and birds.
3- Enjoying the waterfall water, especially in the area located at the entrance.
4- There are also more shops selling souvenirs along the road.
5- Taking more memorial photos beside the waterfall as it is one of the distinguished experiences.

Information about Carmel Falls and the access way

It is easy to get to this area by car, knowing that the journey takes from Salzburg about two hours and if you take the trip from Innsbruck it will take approximately an hour and a half, and you can take the train from Salzburg to Zell am See and from there to Krimml and it is possible to walk even Waterfalls or the taxi agreement, and information about the Carmel Waterfalls are as follows.

1- In the city where the falls are located, there is the Tauren National Park, which can be enjoyed on the way to the waterfall.
2- It is possible to reach the central waterfalls in the waterfall, which are characterized by the power of water through the Regenkanzel region.
3- Bergerblick is the area above the summit of the Carmel Waterfall.
4- There is also a water play area in the area, which is the city of Wasser Wunder Welt.
5- It is possible to take a rest in one of the most famous restaurants in the area, which is located at an altitude of 1.3 km, which is the Schoenangerl restaurant on the waterfall road.

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