The people who travel to Sharm are located in the first Nabq Reserve, which can be reached in Arabic. It is very normal or by any taxi or microbus.
It is located about 300 meters after the entrance to the reserve, to the right
The place is a marine crevice between the Shatt and Jazira, an average distance of 20 meters, to the right, and to the north or left

The canyon or the crevice, as is evident in the photos and videos, is about 3 meters in depth, on average, a million coral reefs, colorful fish, and possible turtles
The island appears and disappears with the movement of tides and marine islands behind and at the end of the island from the side of the open sea.

The strangest of all this, and whoever knows is not working in the reserve, and very very few people. After the end of the island on the left side and a little in the sea, an atmosphere about 50 meters from the island will live by the dugong animal or the calf of the sea or the dogjun, according to each one he calls what is a type of marine mammal It is spread in the Red Sea starting from Marsa Alam, to the south
The place is from how many years ago there were services in chairs, spinning chairs, and tents, but unfortunately, they escaped, but no one inside the reserve was refreshing while on his way to the mangrove. He used to dive there and enjoyed the place, but took the sweet water of meat and the sea or fins.

Location: Nabq (Gharqana) Reserve, South Sinai, Sharm El-Sheikh
Modification: It is possible to see Albatros or Albatross (a type of seagull) standing on the island at the time of the sea islands

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