My travel to Turkey, which I prepared for 8 days, visited 4 cities, and I came two weeks ago, as I was looking at a backpacker and without a tourism company, and the details were as follows:

1. Visa: This opens the website for the embassy to see the required paper, the most important of which is (the hr letter and bank statement and hotel reservation). Of course, in other papers, such as flying and insurance, but it is sprinkled on them and their labels are not even
You use the application on the website, download it, print it and go with it with the rest of the paper. Specifically, it is returned from the website with satisfaction and often stays within two weeks of a month. Insurance by working from any tourism company for the week at 65 pounds, but generally preparing the paper for a large 3 days only
After that, you go to your hostage with you, $ 60 cash, and you can’t wait for a lot. He asks you, why do you leave him, and let him take a piece of paper, and let you pray. You will receive the visa after one week.
Someone remarked to me: I work a month’s insurance and book a hotel that is not a hostel, so often I can use the visa to take it a little, I take it 15 days. After that, I keep canceling the hotel reservation (free cancellation) and book a hostel or soul for up to couchsurfing. If it doesn’t make any difference with you, I do insurance for how long. Insurance a week for 66 pounds
The visa is valid for 3 months, and it is later applied for.

2. Travel permit: This period is two months, but for one travel and costs 50 piasters
Go to the Baspor, a les photo and a visa, and send them to Al Tahrir Academy from 10:30 a.m. I am a computer engineer in a tourist visa, I have no problems. But if you have a qualification that is not a job or a student, often an invitation is required from any tourism company.
The officer asks you, why do you say: Wake up and spirit, and you will find that you have misery, if a girl has no problems after 3 days, you will receive it, but they will take you for a second time, like this, from 11:30 for example.

3. Aviation: and this is the case for example
Nile Air is really cheap for Turkey Sabiha Airport (judged by it). I booked the flight 3 months before it. If you could, I would have found one 3100, but I had time and at the end I paid it at 3700, going.

4. Hotels: Dressed in is the hostel of Ali
But, keep in mind that you will be taking. If you wish, you can spin and talk the place along chat or skype and pay for it. The percentage using 10%

5. Living: from the end of the world, it is not expensive, and the best looks on websites like countries
And I was dreaming of doing what?
In general, I needed about $ 140, but for tourist areas, eating, drinking and transportation in 4 cities
The dollars you bring in from the bank often have to go 3 days before flying, and you have the passport and visa for you, once for $ 1,000 a year. If you travel a lot, get them all at once. Most of the banks, but I can check with the bank for your satisfaction.
Up to the time of flight + visa + insurance = 3500 + 1000 + 70 = 4770

6. Help: From the other, nobody can speak English, but a few, or you, so you and you are ready to:
Google Maps offline maps
Here Wego map offline access
trafi offline (and this is on all means of transportation in Istanbul)
Google Translate offline language with image translate
Google Trips offline (to organize the places you want to visit)
If you like, you buy “I buy” line, it’s expensive, try 15 ~ 20 $
Mobile lines are expensive and in trouble you need to register them. If you are sitting for a short period, it is not important to register the line, but if it takes longer than 30 days in this case, you must register the mobile. The problem is that if you travel, you buy a streak that equals two weeks and walks. After a pill (I don’t think about 6 months ago), the government is working on the block on the mobile serial number, meaning if I return again and buy a new line, it will not work.
And of course, don’t forget the Power Bank
Public transportation, the last of which is at 12 hours, so let it go

7. Airport: In two airports in Istanbul, from my little experience, Sabiha airport is cheaper, but far on the Asian side. It is not a problem that you will get off the plane. Praise be to God, you will ride a need called Hava bus for 15 liras, when you go to Taksim Square, and it takes an hour in the normal, an hour, and text if the world is crowded. For 13 liras, it is enough, and if you want another metro station, you can charge it.
There are very nice transportation on buses, trams, metro and boats, all in the application that I am a writer above.

8. Housing: I prepared two days in Istanbul for $ 14 and one day in Antalya for $ 15 🙁 One day in Cappadocia for $ 6 and the rest I slept on the bus
Most places accept Visa. You can count at couchsurfing
the places:
Neverland in Istanbul: 9 per room … Won’t recommend it
Marina in Anytalya: 4 per room… Great place but expensive
The Cave Dorme in Cappadocia: 16 per room … The most amazing stay I ever had

9. Bus: the best company called metroturizm, and you can see prices from the website
I generally booked at 1740 EGP 4 buses for Antalya, Cappadocia, Edirne, Istanbul
Buses are clean, with wifi and TV for every chair, comfortable chairs, and free meals and drinks.
I booked either. I wanted to book online, but the website doesn’t pay for it, I don’t know why.

10. There is
The sweetest one is Cappadocia, a masterpiece, and Istanbul needs more time, especially for girls, meaning at least 5 days. I fulfilled it in 3 days, but I visited every thing, see 2000 photos and videos. Let’s be clear. I’m the backpacker. I was traveling Turkey in a bag on my back, but I wanted to take his time, I don’t have to go all this because I am very tired.
Cappadocia had the best hiking in the woods and mountains for 5 hours, and the best sunset and sunrise I saw in my life. The sweetest meditation worked there after sunset
– I do not deal with a tourism company, nor in Egypt or in Turkey. I look alone with myself, and I am the one who needs everything. It was a beautiful new experience, all fun and responsibility
Keep in mind places in Istanbul with a regular shutdown, so make sure your dates are good. And on a boat trip with 20 liras of masterpiece there, take a hostile 5 or 6 to see the sunset or the world come upon you.
– In Antalya, there is only a rafting, and if someone wants, the sea will descend. In other needs, but the most expensive, and I am looking forward to travel
– Water is cheap over there. Eating is somewhat cheap. Meaning 12 pounds of food and drink per day, knowing that the hostel is in breakfast.

Cappadocia has the nearest station, Goreme
Talk to the bank about your goods and say that you are traveling to know your visa. I mean, I paid the whole visa and see $ 200. Visa takes 3%, but increases. But if you withdraw money from there, you will pay a lot more.
– For girls: one of the best places to do shopping in Istanbul
Isteklal Street
Istanbul Cevahir
Grand Bazaar
And there are cheap, very, very expensive, original brands, and they will remain in sale. I don’t know what their shape is, as always, the girls I have known there. I run for 5 days shopping only

– If I had been to Alia, I would have visited Bursa and also Pamukkale, but they were 8 days, but sold 2300 kilos in buses in Battaa for 38 hours. Of course, Geogia was in the original plan.

But this is most of the important needs. If someone wants a second need, he will talk to me, and if someone goes, he will talk to me because of important information for people traveling, especially if he looks at you alone.

11. Costs:
Aviation + visa + insurance = 3700 + 1000 + 70 = 4770
The hostel: I charge with me 620, but the whole is in Antalya
Buses: 1740
Eating, drinking, transportation and space: 2450. By the way, I faked every need in places. There is a ticket for 40 liras, and there are many places
This is all: 9580 pounds, but I visited 4 cities, and every time I went to expensive tourist sites and worked rafting and ate once in a dear restaurant and a lot of buses

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