The form of life in Germany changes with the approaching spring, as the Rosenmontag Carnival kicks off and celebrations take place in the streets of some German cities, led by Rottville. See also: Festival of lights .. a celebration like no other. Watch for yourself and during the celebration colorful rallies take place in the streets
Strange sounds and cries are also heard to drive away the evil spirits associated with the stillness and calmness of winter. So there are fictitious characters expelled on the streets like the feathered Jack, the masked man, the bell bearer and the friendly mask and umbrella. The attendees are also interested in choosing clothes in noisy colors to get rid of the winter slump.

The celebration often has a political character, during which important issues are expressed worldwide, such as Britain’s exit from the European Union and the ridicule of European leaders through giant dolls on the streets. See also: Pictures: The largest beauty festival in the world More than 300 thousand people and 20 thousand camels and horses

During the celebration period, schools and shops are closed, and many consider the festival a great opportunity to practice political satire from behind masks, and the celebration takes place in a number of European countries, namely Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria, but the celebration in Germany has a special character. From a religious point of view, this celebration is called the Night of Fasting, as it was associated in the Middle Ages with the beginning of the big fasting. This carnival has taken place annually in some European countries since the 13th century.

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