The Uzungöl heights are one of the most beautiful Turkish villages located in the southeast in the Turkish province of Trabzon in the north of Turkish lands. This village has been famous during the past few years because of its huge tourist attraction for a number of tourists due to the various high-end hotels and luxurious restaurants for fish. Also the village is famous for the presence of the pine lake that surrounds With green meadows and mountains and fishing in the village, the most important of which is the delicious salmon that lives in cold water. It is one of the very favorite dishes for visitors to that place. One of the most attractive and beautiful villages in the village is Demircabi Village Dem Irkapi which is characterized by green forests and away from the center, Trabzon is about 110 km approx, visitors come to stay inside Yedigoller Hotel.

Yedigoller Hotel is located on the heights of Orangjul, surrounded by green meadows from every place and overlooking the mountain. The hotel is entirely made of wood. There are a number of suites inside or all overlooking the mountain and green meadows. Tourists mean this hotel to relax and enjoy the beautiful traditional wooden style and enjoy the very distinctive outdoor In addition to enjoying sitting and staying in the traditional rural life, the hotel restaurant offers visitors daily breakfast meals in open buffet style either inside the hotel or outdoors. It offers a number of traditional Turkish cuisine in copper dishes. Eight traditional luxury to cope with the traditional hotel style also the hotel holds camping parties in the tents of the hotel side on the green meadows where barbecues on the old enlightenment and the collective Samar parties held at night.

The hotel offers guests, besides partying, camping and traditional barbecues, the ability to ride horses and go horse riding between beautiful green meadows and enjoy fishing in lakes near the hotel such as Lake Orangole, which is about 17 kilometers away. The hotel provides transportation services and clearance procedures for fishing permits. The hotel helps in Providing one-day trips for the seven very distinct lakes, also there are daily trips to get to know the village and the areas surrounding the hotel and the neighboring areas of the neighboring villages.

The hotel prices are reasonable for visitors, and increases with the increase in services, trips to learn about the surrounding areas, fishing trips, horseback riding, etc. Included in the price of the hotel only breakfast, otherwise it is added to the hotel account.

It is intended by tourists from all sides towards lovers of relaxation and adventures at the time together and lovers of fishing in tranquility, among the trips organized by the hotel trips to the capital of the village Trabzon on the Black Sea coast is one of the most important Turkish provinces in which a number of beautiful handicrafts such as carpets, furnishings and bedspreads are The best historical and cultural heritage cities have the essence of Shani, the country of silver has all kinds of silverware in which you can buy all kinds of very distinctive silver and distinctive gemstones also, the city has been known since the ancient Greek times ..
Perhaps the hotel is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Turkey in the summer vacation, especially for brides, but the place is not preferred for families only for fans of adventures and excitement and enjoy the tranquility between the slopes of the mountain and green meadows and enjoy the luxurious traditional Ottoman food in the beautiful Ottoman pots do not forget to sit to sip the delicious Turkish tea in Hours of sunset as you look at the foothills of the green mountains

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