Hagia Sophia in Trabzon

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One of the most prominent tourist places that you can visit when going to the Turkish city of Trabzon is a church, or Hagia Sophia Mosque (English: Hagia Sophia), whose name means: Church of Divine Wisdom, where it is considered one of the churches that were made a mosque during the period of the rule of the Ottoman Turks, Ali Although the Russians had used it as a hospital in one of the periods, it is worth noting that it was originally built to be a cathedral in the thirteenth century, in addition to the fact that Sultan Bayezid II made it a shrine for his wife Gulbhar, then it was returned to the tourist front after mid-A. For the last century, it is now a museum for visitors.

The design of Hagia Sophia

The church’s design includes a number of wall panels, and the floors that are decorated with mosaics, which paint a picture of the character of Constantinople, but its design is not without the touch of Seljuk and Georgian architecture. The Church, with its multiple façades, includes paintings inspired by the Christian faith. Some of them depict Adam and Eve, some of which show a picture of an eagle indicating the founders of the church. B scene of modernist cafe and restaurant.

Hagia Sophia Istanbul

It is worth noting that there is another building in Istanbul with the same name, where it was built, and successively restored in succession in different times, while its current design dates back to the sixteenth century, where the Ottomans converted the church to a mosque, so its design became an engineering model for the designs of mosques during The rule of the Ottomans.

The city of Trabzon

Trabzon is a Turkish city located in the northeast of it, where one can see the Pontiac mountain range when it is in, in addition to its proximity to the Anatolian Plateau, knowing that the city also has a port overlooking the Black Sea, which is considered a commercial center for the transportation and export of many Among the food products and tobacco, as there are several mineral wealth in the region, such as: lead, copper, and iron.


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