Sheki is located in the northwest of the Republic of Azerbaijan near the borders of the Russian province of Dagestan and the Republic of Georgia, and contains many churches and mosques due to the historical religious diversity in the city.

Shaky is one of the largest cities that contains many resources and cultural monuments dating back to 2,700 years of Azerbaijani history. The city boasts many homes with red roofs.

The city played a major role in Azerbaijani architecture and art. Many public places and private homes in Chikki are decorated with wooden shapes inlaid with pieces of stained glass, dazzling in this decorations that they are stuck together without the use of glue or a single nail, a complex technique known only to a few craftsmen in Chikki who inherit their craft from generation to generation .

The city hosts a large group of the most important historical museums in the country, including a museum that displays all forms of plants and animals that visitors can see inside its vast forests, in addition to the historical museum, Shaki al-Khan, which is one of the main museums, which is considered one of the most important archaeological pieces that have been built back to a period Khanate rule.

Shaki Al-Khanate Palace is the summer residence of Al-Khanate in Sheki and is still one of the most famous monuments in Sheki. The palace was built in 1762 without using a single nail in its construction, and it is one of the most important monuments of its time. Inside the palace, art exhibitions of wall paintings and Azerbaijani artifacts dating back to the era of the rule of the Khanate, which represent the façade of ancient art in Azerbaijan, are unparalleled in the world.

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