Traveling with people with disabilities is no longer an ordinary thing, and we have witnessed a noticeable increase in recent times so that the tourism sector has begun to provide many services and facilities that meet the needs of tourists with special needs and their companions, and similarly many tourism companies and airlines have provided offers And services developed for its customers in this category, in addition to that, there has become a huge abundance of information on services provided to people with disabilities during travel and it is mostly information found on pages and websites that deal with the problems of people with special needs.

Despite this, the travel of the disabled remains a big challenge for them, as traveling in the seats of narrow airlines and accommodation in tourist hotels, and the need to find a suitable means of transportation within the destination of travel is one of the most important problems facing them and their companions during travel trips.

To this end, we offer a set of important tips that will help people with special needs and their companions to avoid many obstacles during travel trips:

Make sure to call in advance and book the service:

The tourism sector and the providers of travel and touristic travel services are subject to the law that requires them to provide special services and facilities to meet the needs of people with special needs, but most of them need some time to make the necessary preparations in order to meet the necessary needs of the disabled person, so make sure to contact and book before traveling with an appropriate period and make sure You should contact the service provider 24 to 48 hours before travel to ensure that the facilities and service you need become available.

Be specific and accurate when describing a disability:

The reason is that the service providers may not know the medical term that describes the disability, and it may not seem familiar to them, so make sure to be clear and specific in describing the disability so that the service provider can provide services and facilities appropriate to the health condition of the disabled person.

Be specific and specific with your physician when describing your travel trip:

This is so that the doctor can provide appropriate advice and instructions that will help the disabled person to endure the hardships of travel or help him in emergency medical cases, and therefore you must inform the doctor about the number of hours of the flight, and other information about the availability of health facilities and hospitals specialized in the destination of travel and the availability of medicines and drugs That people with disabilities need.

Make sure to travel with a report from the private doctor:

Make sure to carry your medical report in the event of a disability, and that this report includes information about health conditions and potential health complications in your case, so that you are treated in an emergency, and also make sure that you carry your doctor’s private phone number to call him in an emergency.

Make sure to carry the medicines and spare drugs that the disease uses, and it is better to carry from each medicine two spare containers for emergencies, and be sure to put them in a special bag of the medicine.

Invest in medical care while traveling:

Make sure that you have the health care you need while traveling, ask your private doctor, the insurance company you contracted with, or your embassy to provide you with the names and numbers of doctors and good medical units at your destination.

Seek medical travel facilities:

Many travel agencies and companies have come to provide a travel companion service that has great experience in dealing with chronic medical conditions and all kinds of disabilities, so that there are travel carriers that specialize in dealing with medical conditions or specific disabilities, and therefore do not exclude the option of using a travel companion who specializes in caring for your condition Health.

Avoid transit trips:

Wheelchairs are always the last to climb on the plane and the first thing that is lowered from the plane in order to help travelers with motor disabilities feel a greater degree of comfort, but despite this the process of getting up and down the wheelchair is very cumbersome and take some time and therefore it is advised to avoid trips Travel transit so that you do not have to repeat this science many times, it is advised to travel on transit flights in only one case, which is that the person with a disability does not bear the long flights, and in this case it is advised to choose a transit flight in which the plane stops between the two flights long enough.

Make sure to be inside the airport before your flight ends:

In order to be able to complete travel and security procedures without haste, and in the case of people with disabilities, they need to be present at the airport at least two hours before their flight in the case of domestic flights, and three hours before it in the case of international flights.

Talk to the flight attendant to give you a private exit until you leave the plane.

Do not forget to reserve a means of transportation to transport you to and from the airport. In the case of a wheelchair, be sure to choose a car intended for carrying a wheelchair, and make sure to reserve a car to travel within the destination.

Don’t forget to carry maintenance tools and spare parts with you:

In the case of wheelchairs, they are subjected to severe shocks while traveling, which exposes them to damage. Therefore, be sure to carry special parts and tools to fix the wheelchair when needed.

Advice when traveling with disabled people
Advice when traveling with disabled people

Be specific and specific with your physician when describing your travel journey

Be specific and specific with your physician when describing your travel journey

Be specific and accurate when describing disability
Be specific and accurate when describing disability

Make sure to travel with a report or medical certificate from your own doctor
Make sure to travel with a report or medical certificate from your own doctor

Make sure to call in advance and book the service
Make sure to call in advance and book the service

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