The enjoyable feeling of packing bags and preparing to embark on a scenic tourist trip may turn into a feeling of distress in the event of illness during the trip, there is no person who wants to spend the holiday sick with the disease instead of enjoying the trip.

Among mild illnesses such as cold, flu, and even serious viral diseases, the possibility of infection remains present during the trip and requires precautions to be taken to avoid it.

Today, we offer you important practical advice to help you avoid infection of various diseases during your tourist trip, which may come from unexpected sources ..

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Take important vaccines

When heading to some destinations, it is necessary to adhere to eating some important vaccines, especially in the tropics, and before visiting forests and crowded cities.

Avoid the sun

Sunlight may be strong in some destinations, so long exposure to sunlight that causes loss of moisture from the body and exposure to fever should be avoided.

Tap water

Tap water in most destinations cannot guarantee its purity and cleanliness, and even if it looks clean, it contains bacteria that the traveler’s body is not accustomed to, so it is preferable to drink bottled water throughout the travel period to avoid illness.

Street food

Many tourists prefer to go to the markets and eat the popular foods served by street vendors, but this may be considered risky, as some markets and vendors lack adequate health requirements, which may expose you to gastro-intestinal infections and food pollution.


Visiting some tourist places requires immersion in crowds, especially in the old markets and bus-packed squares, and this crowding is a fertile environment for transporting respiratory diseases such as influenza and other viruses, so it is best to avoid crowds and places with poor ventilation and wear a protective face if necessary.

Hotel cleanliness

Many people think that hotel rooms are in a state of complete cleanliness, which is not true. Many of the room’s elements carry germs and viruses that transmit infection such as door handles, cups, TV remote and electrical switches, so it is preferable to take a bottle of sterile liquid and clean these items with a paper taboo.

Finally we recommend sleeping early and eating healthy food to maintain strong immunity during your trip.

Important tips to avoid getting sick while traveling.
Important tips to avoid getting sick while traveling.

Maintaining strong immunity is essential to enjoying the trip
Maintaining strong immunity is essential to enjoying the trip

Illness eliminates the pleasure of the trip.
Illness eliminates the pleasure of the trip.

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