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The island of light

Al Noor Island located on Khalid Lake in Sharjah, which occupies an area of ​​45,470 m², is a distinctive landmark that combines nature, entertainment, and art represented by its architectural designs, and fine shows, as the island contains illuminated artistic panels that can be seen only at night, in addition to many artworks from Around the world such as Taurus and Ovo.

Al Noor Island, which is considered among several series of projects, and the most recent entertainment destination in Sharjah, was established under the supervision of the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), responsible for implementing the most famous tourist attractions in Sharjah, where the island was designed based on ideas inspired by the well-known multimedia artist Andre Heller, which consists of two structures surrounded by trees, flowers, and various plants, amongst the water basins.

The most important landmarks of the island of light

Glass Butterflies House

The butterfly house is one of the most attractive elements for visitors to the island, with an area of ​​230 square meters, and a height of 4-5 meters, and its surface decorated with motifs reflects the spirit of the Arab Mashrabiya design, and its walls cover green, climbing, and luminous plants.

There are 600 butterfly in this house of 16 types of distinctive butterflies, which were brought from various cities at a cost of 80 million dirhams, and the most famous of those distinctive butterflies: the Indian butterfly dullashila bisaltaid, which resembles autumn leaves, and the butterfly Danaus kraisbus, also called The African King, the Pashliobda Aristolukia butterfly spread in Southeast Asia, also known as the butterfly of roses, is distinguished by its gorgeous colors and the different shapes on its wings, the new bird butterfly, the scissor butterfly, the dark blue tiger butterfly, and other wonderful butterflies.

The butterfly house attracts children greatly, as they rush towards it as soon as they enter the island to capture their favorite butterflies, feel fun and amuse and are keen to take pictures with those butterflies.

The Island Bridge of Light

The bridge is characterized by a distinctive poetic design, which gives visitors a sense of peace, calm and inspiration, and enables them to walk along winding paths.

Arts Office

A place dedicated to intellectuals and reading lovers, it is designed in the form of a flower to enable them to read and relax in the embrace of the picturesque surrounding nature.

The Walk of Light

It is the walkway that represents the entrance of the island, and enables visitors to wander around the island of light, and they enjoy musical pieces inspired by the nature and exclusivity on the island, and by Frank Zerbin, and its area is approximately 3500 square meters, and small and beautiful gardens are spread among the various features of the island and its facilities.

Nour Cafe

It is a modern café that enables visitors to eat light healthy food, hot and cold drinks, in quiet sessions and a relaxed atmosphere.

Games area

The island includes a wide area designated for children, as it was designed in a specific way that simulates the forest system, allowing children the opportunity to enjoy climbing games amid trees and plants after all safety and security settings on the island have been made, from covering the ground with sand, thick grass, and adequate lighting.

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