Al Qassim malls are one of the most popular places there and it is one of the biggest tourist attractions as it is very developed
And huge and architectural design and its style and lights are all things that catch the eye. Also, the shops inside are varied and you can buy everything from inside it at great prices and quality that has no
Like any other commercial stores, in addition to that the malls there are equipped with the latest fun entertainment facilities that will make you
Spend a fun and entertaining shopping day with your family. Here are the best of these malls.

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List of the best and most recent malls in Qassim

Al Nakheel Mall Qassim

Al-Nakheel Mall is the largest and the newest mall in the Qassim ever. It is very modern, sophisticated and luxurious to an indescribable degree, and it contains everything in the shops and hypermarkets, and it is located specifically in the city of Buraidah. And many of the world famous international brands such as Zara
Spencer, Marks, H&M and other quality merchandise that you may have come across. The service in the mall is excellent and there is a great welcome from the people in charge of the place and the staff from the moment you arrive until you leave, and there is a family entertainment area in the mall and a large restaurant complex in which restaurants gather in a circle and places for children to play and other places that should not You miss it.Al Nakheel Mall QassimAl Nakheel Mall QassimAl Nakheel Mall Qassim
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City Plaza Unaiza

City Plaza Enayz is one of the best clothing malls in Unayzah, where the mall has all the brands
The famous and distinctive commercial for different types of clothes suitable for all age groups and family members, men, women, children, and youth. The best thing is that all the goods offered in the mall are sold at very reasonable and appropriate prices despite the fact that the clothes are
Fine quality and follow international brands, this mall is like the best in providing excellent goods at reasonable prices for all
When compared to other malls around.City Plaza UnaizahCity Plaza Unaizah

Oasis Mall Ar Rass

The Oasis Mall is the first mall to be established in the city of Ar Rass, and it is very large, occupying an area of ​​one hundred thousand square meters.
In a short time, he was able to be the first competitor of many malls in the Qassim region, to be one of the best malls in
The area. Whatever you are looking for, be sure that you will find it in Al Waha Mall, with excellent and non-exaggerated prices. You will find clothes, furniture, and accessories.
And everything is located on King Fahd Road in Ar Rass city. The mall contains one hundred and seventy-four shops that offer various commodities and famous brand stores such as H&M,
It also contains a hypermarket and a two-storey mall and it includes an entertainment area for families and children and a large restaurant complex
And parking places.Oasis Mall Ar RassOasis Mall Ar RassOasis Mall Ar RassOasis Mall Ar Rass

Bukayriyah Mall

There is the Bukayriyah Mall in Al-Bukayriyah on King Abdul Aziz Road, which is the first mall in the city and it was created to activate
The movement of tourism, trade and economy in the city of Al-Bukayriyah. The mall contains shops that sell all elegant and luxurious goods, from clothing to cars, as well as restaurants.
And cafes and entertainment areas to spend time relaxing and eating delicious foods after a long and tiring shopping day. There is also a small amusement park for children to let your children have a little fun after shopping and it is safe and suitable for young age groups
And medium, and as a result of all these wonderful facilities, the mall has become the first destination for families in the city.Bukayriyah MallBukayriyah MallBukayriyah MallBukayriyah Mall

Extra Mall Buraidah

Extra Mall is one of the largest malls chains in Saudi Arabia and specialized only in electronic devices and home appliances, and the branch of the Extra Mall Buraidah is one of the most important and largest branches of that chain. The mall is huge and sophisticated and sells a very large variety and multiple and varied electronics And home appliances, whatever type of device you are looking for and you want to buy no matter where it is rare anywhere; make sure that you will find it in Extra Mall at excellent prices compared to other electronics markets. The mall provides you with multiple options and many international brands and famous for one device so you choose from Including what is appropriate for your needs and a Your potential.Extra Mall BuraidahExtra Mall BuraidahExtra Mall BuraidahExtra Mall Buraidah

Al othaim Mall Buraidah

Al-Othaim Mall is one of the most famous malls and commercial centers and the largest of them in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a series of
The malls in every region of the Kingdom and the Al-Othaim Mall branch in Buraidah is one of the best of these malls. Al-Othaim Mall Al Buraidah Branch contains a very large number of shops specialized in everything from clothing to
Accessories, watches, jewelry, and even furniture, you will find everything you are looking for in the mall and at unobtrusive prices. It also includes a large restaurant complex for the finest branches of famous restaurants that offer the most delicious and finest foods to eat in a way
Distinguished after a hard day in shopping, there are also clubs and games halls for children equipped with some electric clubs and there
Car parking. The mall is distinguished by its modern and luxurious architectural design from the inside and the outside and its elegant decoration, it is one of the finest malls on
City and kingdom level The service is excellent, friendly and welcome visitors at any time.Al othaim Mall BuraidahAl othaim Mall BuraidahAl othaim Mall BuraidahAl othaim Mall Buraidah

Al Amri Center Buraidah

Al-Omari Complex is located in Al-Iskan neighborhood on the road of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, in the north of Buraidah, in the Kingdom, and it is one of the most recent malls in the newly opened Qassim nearly three years ago only. The mall occupies an area of ​​thirty thousand square meters and includes a large number of shops. For famous clothing brands
Jewelry, furniture and other products that everyone is looking for, as the mall has been expanded recently and added brands
It is also famous for many new facilities. It includes many facilities that serve the needs of all mall pioneers of all ages, from children to adults. It includes children’s playgrounds, entertainment places for them, upscale cafes and places for family entertainment and many facilities that will surely appeal to you. .Al Amri Center BuraidahAl Amri Center BuraidahAl Amri Center BuraidahAl Amri Center Buraidah

Sahara Mall Rass

Sahara Mall is known as Sahara Ar Rass, as it is located in the King Fahd neighborhood of Ar Rass City, and it is one of the best malls in Al Qassim and its most luxurious, and it is characterized by its luxurious decoration that indicates the sophistication of the mall and its commercial stores. Trade such as clothes, jewelry, furniture, electronic devices, and everything there is sophisticated and distinctive, where you will find the finest tastes that you will not find anywhere else in the city as it is of excellent quality. The mall owns a complex of wonderful and varied restaurants so that there are several options to suit all tastes There are also cafes and
Places for children to play and places to entertain the whole family, which is in constant and continuous development in order to provide the best satisfactory service for its patrons.Sahara Mall RassSahara Mall RassSahara Mall RassSahara Mall Rass

Ar Rass Mall

Ar Rass Mall is located on King Fahd Road in Ar Rass City, and it is one of the distinct malls in the city despite its simplicity and smallness
Its size compared to the rest of the malls in the area and the deserts in particular, it is like a small fish in the sea of
Whales. The mall includes a number of shops specialized in clothing, cosmetics, perfumes and accessories for Latifa brands
Prices are very reasonable and commensurate with all budgets, even weak budgets. Given the small size of the mall, it includes a few restaurants and cafes that you can rest a little after a shopping trip in
The mall, there are parking lots and a simple area dedicated to children’s entertainment.Ar Rass MallAr Rass MallAr Rass MallAr Rass Mall

Onaizah Mall

The Unaizah complex mediates the heart of the city of Unaizah, and it is one of the most important and famous shopping destinations in the Qassim region, where it is considered one of the largest
Malls of Al-Qassim, it has an area of ​​sixty-four thousand square meters. The mall includes up to two hundred and eighty stores specializing in various types of high-quality goods and services.
And at reasonable prices and some famous brands. The mall contains entertainment halls for children, a complex of restaurants, large cafes, a hypermarket, parking lots and other
Important facilities and this makes it of great importance in the city in addition to its privileged location.Onaizah MallOnaizah MallOnaizah MallOnaizah Mall

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