We present to you in this article amazing facts about Dubai, which is one of the most famous and exciting cities in the world, Dubai is an amazing place that surprises you at all times with facts that make you love that country and admires it more and more, and through the following article you will learn about some interesting facts, which You can find anything like it anywhere in the world except in Dubai, starting from the Burj Khalifa, the highest tower in the world, through the exchange machines that sell gold bars, and ending with breeding leopards and black, with some facts about the laws in Dubai, so follow us on Arab travelers.

Amazing facts about Dubai

  • A user of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai used enough gold to cover the Mona Lisa more than 45,000 times.
  • At one point in Dubai, 25% of the construction cranes were located in the world due to the large number of construction works in the city.
  • The artificial palm islands in Dubai use enough sand to fill the Empire State building two and a half times.
  • The percentage of the local population in Dubai is estimated at 15% of the total population, as most of the population is foreign.
  • In Dubai camel races robots replace children to participate in races and rides on camels, which are dangerous.
  • Until recently, Dubai had no addresses, no postal codes, no area codes, nor a postal system. The city developed in record time.
  • Dubai is characterized by the fact that those in it do not pay their income tax whatever, which attracts many people who want to save money.
  • In Dubai there are many ATMs that sell gold bars.
  • Dubai is proceeding with the construction of the Dubai Shopping and Entertainment Square, which is expected to have an area of ​​100 soccer fields, to be the largest in the world of its kind.
  • The total population of Dubai, according to the latest statistics, is 3.1 million.
  • The official language in Dubai is the Arabic language, the currency there is the Emirati dirham, and Islam is the city’s official religion.
  • There is a difference between Dubai city and the emirate of Dubai. Dubai is the most important city in the emirate of Dubai, and when the name Dubai is called in general, it means the city mostly.
  • Dubai has the largest tower in the world known as the Burj Khalifa, which can be seen from 95 km away, and has a height of 163 floors.
  • Dubai has the longest automatic metro in the world, with a length of approximately 75 km.
  • Dubai police use the most luxurious cars in the world, such as: Ferrari and Lamborghini.
  • Dubai Flower Garden is the largest flower garden in the world, with more than 60 million flowers.

Funny facts about Dubai

  • Air conditioning is everywhere, which makes you feel that Dubai is not a hot city as it is its natural climate.
  • Kissing in public is illegal, so don’t be surprised if the police catch you for this reason.
  • If you go shopping in the Mall of the Emirates, on the way out, you can take an ice rink inside the mall.
  • Do not be surprised if you find that shawarma is the trendy local food in Dubai, as the city is distinguished by the many popular methods used in preparing it.
  • You might be surprised to learn that in 1968 there were only 13 cars in Dubai, and today there are millions.
  • Dubai’s fuel is cheaper than water, as Dubai relies heavily on desalinated water from the sea as a source of drinking, due to its desert nature.
  • For every kilogram a citizen loses weight in Dubai, the government gives him 2 g of gold, so perhaps Dubai is the ideal place for losing weight.
  • You can find out the economic level of a person in Dubai through his license plate, the lower the numbers on it, the higher the financial condition.
  • Also breeding exotic animals is a sign of luxury in Dubai, so leopards and lions can be raised more by developing cats and dogs, and the government is working to organize this appropriately.

Amazing facts about the laws of Dubai

  • For Muslims, alcohol is not consumed, but for non-Muslims, it can only be consumed in places licensed for that.
  • Dubai is trying to curb smoking heavily, as it is almost possible to smoke only in some places designated for that.
  • With the many beautiful beaches in Dubai, it is forbidden to wear swimwear except on the beach or in the hotel’s swimming pool. Of course, swimming cannot be stripped.
  • The regulations in Dubai work to maintain the public appearance even for marriage in Dubai, and otherwise violates the local culture in Dubai, which is punishable by law.
  • What is considered a violation of Dubai law is to take pictures of government buildings or local residents without their consent.
  • Visitors to Dubai should stay away from music and noise, as well as eat in public places, drink or smoke in front of people during Ramadan, to preserve the appearance of the blessed month.
  • It is illegal to bring many types of drugs without a prescription.
  • Dubai is one of the safest places in the world for its richness, mostly due to the tight laws and policemen working to preserve it.
  • Holders of Israeli passports are not allowed to enter Dubai.

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