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Acre is considered one of the most important and oldest cities in the state of Palestine, according to historians dating back to the year 3000 BC, as it is located in the northern part of Palestine with an area of ​​11.3 km2, on the shores of the Mediterranean, and the city of Acre is about 181 km from Jerusalem, and it occupies A great strategic and economic position, which is the link between Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt, due to the presence of the railroad linked between these countries, which were followed by many civilizations and nations that left a footprint that still exists until now, and it is worth noting that the city is currently divided into two lanes, They are: old and new lane, It is distinguished by being the compound of the three religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Acre BC

The city of Acre is mentioned in many ancient historical texts, and it is mentioned in the Torah and in the Pharaonic plans when the Pharaohs tried to take the time of the pharaoh to take possession of them, and they were not spared also from the conquests of Alexander the Macedonian who invaded in the year 332 BC, seized them, and issued a gold coin in them The name of the city was written on it, and it was bearing the acre name “Ptolemy”, which is due to the great-grandfather of “Telemy II” who occupied it in the year 301 BC, and the first sports center was built in the year 48 BC when it ruled: Herodos :.

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Acre and Romens

  • A revolution occurred in Acre in the year 606 AD, when Julius Caesar killed over two thousand Jews, and exiled the rest of them.
  • Acre became a Romen city during the time of Nero, in which it built the Romen baths.
  • Discover the sandy sand and dyes on its shores.

Acre and Islamic conquests

  • Acre was opened by Sharhabil bin Hasna, Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan, and Amr bin Al-Aas in the year 636 AD.
  • Acre evolved from an industrial point of view in the Umayyad period, especially in the field of warships manufacturing, which they used to invade Cyprus.
  • As a result of the development and prosperity of Acre, the Crusaders wanted to conquer it, and they succeeded in that in the year 1104 AD, as it was converted into a port, and they divided it into several neighborhoods.
  • The Mamluk leader, Ashraf Khalil bin Qalawun, freed her from the Crusaders and destroyed its walls in the year 1291 AD in the process of “conquest”, so that he would not seize it again, leaving it in ruins for 400 years.
  • Acre became under the command of the Ottoman Empire at the height of its power, as they developed it and established schools, health centers, mosques, and others.
  • Zahir al-Omar occupied Acre in the year 1744 AD, and built a wall measuring eight meters in height.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte attempted to capture the city seven times in the year 1799 AD, but failed due to its impenetrable walls.

Israeli occuAl Bahahn

  • After the British Mandate, and the occuAl Bahahn of Palestine by the Jews, it was agreed to divide Palestine into two states in the year 1947 AD and became Acre belonging to Israel, and after the Nakba in 1984 the Jews expelled thousands of civilians from the occupied Acre.
  • The percentage of Palestinians or Arabs in Acre constitutes 35%.

The most important historical monuments in Acre

  • Khan Al-Amdan.
  • Al-Jazzar Mosque.
  • The wall of Acre.
  • Franciscan Church and Monastery.
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