The art of 3D tricks has been launched from Korea, has been praised all over the world, and has now appeared in Bali, the beautiful holiday spot in Indonesia. The 3D Museum here in Bali has become a new milestone in Bali by diversifying the beautiful scenery and customs of Bali based on the experience of Dream Zone Museum that has devised many art of trick. You will enjoy the delusional delusion as well as the mazes at the entrance to the Egyptian pyramid, and the world of imagination will then guide you to a new world that you did not expect before.

Dream Zone Bali Museum is a fun interactive art gallery featuring a large collection of 3D murals, full-size, for visitors to create tricks and play with. The exhibition features a rich collection of brilliantly drawn artwork which each acts as an interactive backdrop for a 3D fake photography. There are a total of 120 unique artworks created by internationally renowned artists from Korea in 14 different categories spread over three floors, which provide a full day of discovery and creativity. The museum is located in Jalan Nakula, directly opposite the intersection of Jalan Dewi Sri and Sunsett Road in Kuta, right after TS Suites Street in Seminyak.

A team of local and Korean artists collaborated to produce a rich collection of artwork. You will find that the phantom effects in different sizes – just using paint and spot lighting well – are absolutely stunning. While moving inside the Dream Zone museum galleries, you will be transported to many dreaming worlds, from Venice to Egypt, and from Indonesia to the Amazon. You will easily find yourself appearing in the most dangerous situations imaginable, on your own or in a group setting, to capture this perfect shot.

If you don’t know how to ride a board, you can approach it and take a ski slope on the slope, or ride along on a skateboard with separate arms before crashing into the waves. The Luminescence Suite boasts a glow of ultraviolet light in front of the frescoes, with spaces painted with certain colors accentuating a subtle glow. Most of these scenes are underwater. There are several groups in the extended collection depicting full-size landmarks and ruins, such as the Prambanan Temple or the “Candy Prambanan” complete with the floors depicting the lotus pond, or the famous Tana Lot sea temple in Bali. The museum also promotes its exhibitions as a great option for unique pre-wedding photographs.

The tripods of the camera are great if you want everyone to be in some pictures, and there are markings on the floor indicating the best place to place the tripods, or where to take the photo to get the best angle. The staff team also helps to suggest the best placement for an experiment, and may offer a hand to take the shot. The Refreshments Corner serves bubble tea and snacks, and a gift shop is available on site, where you can also see zany photos printed on shirts, as well as a selection of merchandise. Don’t forget to try their pineapple cake, which is also sold as a great treat that can be taken home. Tickets are $ 25 for adults, $ 20 for children, while children under three years are allowed free entry.

Contacts for the Dream Zone Bali Museum
Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday 09:00 – 22:00
Location: g. Nakola No. 33X, Legian
Phone: +62 (0) 361 849 6220

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