Istanbul is one of the most important global cities that tourists prefer in all seasons, even in the winter in the bitter cold. Turkey is one of the cultural and economic centers located on the Bosphorus Strait and the Golden Port is the only city in the world that lies between the two continents of Asia and Europe with a long history that was the capital of a number of empires Ancient Romen, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire With the end of autumn and the onset of severe winter, it is difficult to choose the favorite places to visit in Istanbul, the civilization heritage city, so you will review the best favorite places to visit by the onset of severe winter in Turkey.

1- Istanbul Panorama Museum: One of the best museums that attract tourists visiting Istanbul was opened in 2009. The total cost of the museum is about $ 5 million. The museum returns you to many years of the days of the Islamic conquest of the city. At an angle of 360 degrees, there are a number of real artifacts. Four engineers participated in the work. The work took three years. The museum includes a number of paths that lead to the dome and tour the magnificent gardens and walls of conquest of Constantinople. There is an audio guide that can be used for a small amount of 5 pounds. Display explanations for a number of languages ​​including Arabic, visiting hours from 9 am to six in the evening hours and fees for young adults and 10 Turkish lira

Address: Maltepe, Topkapı Kültür Park İçi Yolu, 34010 Zeytinburnu / İstanbul

2 – The covered market: One of the most famous markets in Istanbul known as Kabali Garchi is one of the best places in Istanbul to shop and buy precious accessories and distinctive souvenirs The most famous thing that is sold in the covered market is jewelry, silver, golden and silver jewelry. There is in the Sultanahmet area that opens from the ninth hour to the hour The seventh of the most luxurious Ottoman markets was built during the reign of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror and it took four times to build and was expanded during the reign of Sultan Suleiman. It covers an area of ​​47,600 buildings in 66 streets and more than 4000 stores that have six main doors: the Bayezid Gate, the Market Gate, and the Gate of Mahmoud Pasha, And the door of Nagdin, and the door of the light and the door of Ottoman Ordjo.

3- Istanbul Aquarium: It is a huge basin that includes unique and beautiful fish. One of the favorite places to visit in the city of Istanbul is a living museum of marine biology located in the Florya region with very strange and beautiful creatures with about 1500 species with a number of 15 thousand species is Suitable for children.
Address: lenlikköy, Yeşilköy Halkalı Cad. No: 93, 34153 Florya / Bakırköy / İstanbul

4- Galata Tower: One of the beautiful places in Istanbul is if you want to drink Turkish coffee or tea inside that archaeological site overlooking the city of Istanbul, there is a café for sitting above the tower.

5- Modern Istanbul Museum The museum was opened two years ago in 2014 and is one of the most important places for art lovers. It contains books, paintings, statues and fine plastic arts. It is a suitable place to visit in the winter.

6- “Belair Bey” palace: one of the palaces that is characterized by internal magic. The palace was built by Sultan Abdul Aziz, and the palace is distinguished by its remarkable location under the Bosphorus, which connects the Asian section with the European section. The palace is one of the rare palaces in its beauty and distinct charm. It is suitable for photography lovers.

7 – The Yiran Bhatan Sarangi Tunnel called Basilica Sarangi was built in 532 AD It is a statue of upside down One of the most attractive places for tourists in Istanbul is from legendary statues It is said that the statue was straight and not inverted.
Istanbul is one of the coldest cities in the winter, so frost clothing must be worn in it.

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