1- Circus workshop
Kids are delighted with this fun at very affordable prices in Kuta (also great for adults!). Perhaps the only circus workshop of its kind on the island, which gives you an opportunity to enjoy some gentle practices, while learning some great skills to impress your friends. The workshop is located within the territory of the Bali Dynasty resort, and teaches you the correct techniques of sorcery, handling and demonic sticks, all under the supervision of experienced instructors.

2- Water sports package
This tour fits and responds to the appeal of adventure lovers, head to the popular water sports stadium Tanjung Benoa, and get a range of activities ranging from water skiing to banana boating and skating. With a qualified trainer near to help you, be sure that you will feel safe and comfortable while you are floating over this water, sand and ocean. Don’t forget to finally take a selfie of Bali!

3- Private shopping tour with transfer
You can join any marketing tour in Bali to avoid the hassle of moving and searching for malls. The tour will take you through the markets and shops with a collection of statues, fine textiles and interesting local artwork. You can watch antiques, search for souvenirs or shop at the modern fashion malls. Tour options include shopping, the cultural heart of Ubud, the Seminyak Shopping District and Kuta Free Shops.

4- A tour of temples and coffee plantations
This tourist tour takes you to the central highlands of Bali, highlighting many important temples such as Taman Ayun, Olon Danu Piratan and Tanah Lot. You can enjoy ornate sculptures surrounding these centuries-old buildings, listen to stories of water gods from your experienced guide, and take advantage of photo opportunities near rock formations mixed with waves. Along the way, you should also visit the coffee plantation where you can sip hot cups of fresh coffee.

5- Classes of learning to cook in Gampangan with transportation
For food lovers, especially those who want to learn more about Balinese cooking, this class represents a half-day delight as it provides deeper insights into traditional local dishes. It starts early, as you go for a tour of the morning market, you and your guide will choose herbs, fresh spices, and vegetables and choose meat cuts for the row. Actual instructions are taking place in Kelapang Muding Village in central Bali, which is also home to ancient temples, rural Balinese life and culture in general.

6- A tour to Ubud and the Kintamani Heights
This one day tour takes you to see stunning views of Mount Batur and the Kintamani Highlands. Learn about the island and its people with stories from your experienced guide as you find temples, crafts and major volcanic horizons. Enjoy the countryside and see some wonderful views across the rice terraces from Tegalalang and Tampsering, the home of the Holy Springs and Tirta Empul Purification Temple. On the return trip, stop at the Ubud Monkey Forest and check out the local market before arriving at the hotel.

7- A tour to Boud Chocolate Factory
Follow the chocolate making process on this interesting tour of the Boud Chocolate Factory. Enjoy rich sips of dark chocolate drinks, watch craftsmen while making good chocolate things and get the chance to make your own elephant from chocolate. On the floor of the factory, watch skilled personnel while handling cocoa at various stages of production.

8- Canoeing in the Telaga Waga River
Wear a lifejacket, get a paddle and a helmet, jump inside this inflatable boat and drift into the delightful water currents. This tour takes you to the third and fourth class slopes and you can head to the waterfalls or reach the quieter spots. You can have a wonderful shower in the hot water of the waterfalls and have a lunch buffet from the wonderful indonesian meals for a little rest after we rowed.

9- The hidden rice fields
The rice terraces in Bali are one of the most famous tourist attractions on the island. Explore traditional local, internal and external agriculture as you wander through the fields, cross the bamboo bridges and study the unique and ancient worn irrigation system called ‘Subak’. Head towards the green farmland outside the hiking trail. Your guide describes how rice terraces were first planted on the island by Hindu priests in the ninth century, and how their calm appearance changed with the seasons.

10- A tour of Bali’s best landmarks with food
Go on a comprehensive tour around some of the most famous sites in Bali, visit the sacred temple sites, and explore Indonesian cuisine. Eat specialty coffee and ginger tea, visit a jungle-filled jungle and watch the rugged slopes of Mount Batur. Check out the intricate silver jewelery in neighboring Seluk, browse through the decorative wood carvings in Mas, then discover the finer details in traditional Patuan paintings.

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