Solo Beer Doiue is an italyn restaurant with a warm and cozy feel for two people, and it is the smallest restaurant in the world. This restaurant opened in the village of Fakone in central Italy 26 years ago, and still maintains the same intimate and wonderful atmosphere.
The restaurant offers a range of high-end services that suit every two persons who are fond of celebrating their special occasions. The restaurant is located in the same location where the house of the famous Romen poet Horace was housed in a building dating back to the 19th century and near the ancient ruins of a large villa built in Romen style.
The menu may seem expensive but fair to enjoy a luxurious and unique experience, as the cost to visit this restaurant is 250 euros per person, and offers a range of traditional italyn dishes, delicious pastries and fine drinks.

The types of food on the restaurant menu are also changed daily, and the specialists in this small restaurant make virgin olive oil that they sell for 40 euros per bottle, along with soft sheep’s cheese, wild mushrooms, delicious fruits, homemade pasta and fresh bread.
The restaurant is decorated with the most beautiful types of roses, luxurious furnishings, and fine traditional decorations that give a special character to the restaurant through amazing chandeliers and romantic fire fire.
Guests walk on a long path decorated with candlelight to enter the restaurant, where they are received by the owner of the restaurant Rimo de Claudio.

At the end of the evening, guests can write about their own experience in the “Memory Book” which contains love letters written by the previous guests of the restaurant. The restaurant opens its doors to visitors for lunch and dinner daily.

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