Milan may seem to be one of the less known destinations in Italy, but it contains many landmarks and destinations that give you an unforgettable vacation. Among the most famous of them are the cathedral and the Brera Gallery of Art Museum. Shopping comes at the forefront of activities that can be done in the city. Milan includes a huge number of markets, malls that contain the most luxurious brands, and the latest fashion that was not available in the rest of the markets.

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Here is a tour of the best malls in Milan … where luxury and sophistication

Shopping Mall Milano

It is considered one of the best malls in Milan and is considered one of the largest malls in Europe. Designed by David Padua, Michelle de Luci and Arnaldo Zappa. Those who inspired the design from London’s Covent Garden, to make shopping a unique experience. The Milan shopping center includes a huge supermarket, two hundred stores, this is next to twenty five different food courts. It also includes the first Lego store in Italy, and a huge skating rink to enjoy your time. With your friends, and family. And don’t forget to visit the Alfa Romero Museum, where these unique cars were made.Shopping Mall MilanoMilan’s Shopping Mall Milano Read also: Outlet markets in Milan

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is considered the oldest shopping mall in the world, and was established between 1865 and 1877. Not only is this charming building shopping only, it is an art piece that fascinates eyes with its design, and its enchanting beauty that stands out through its marble-covered floor and walls. Decorated with paintings and unmatched sculptures, this mall includes a number of the most important, and most luxurious, international brands including: Gucci, Clavin Klein, Dior and Carolina Herrara.Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

La Rinascente

If you love excellence and lasting brilliance then La Reinsente Mall is your right destination, as it provides you with the latest pieces that mix the latest trends, and the charming classic touch, which places it among the best malls in Milan. Everything you are looking for is in this seven storey building. From men’s, children’s, and women’s wear to accessories, footwear, women’s clothing, cosmetics, household items, food, antiques, and premium designs. La Rinascent relies on professional freelance designers, ensuring your distinction and brilliance. The entire seventh floor is devoted to food, including nine restaurants and cafes to suit different tastes, including My Sushi, B-Steakhouse, Mayo Restaurant, Juice Bar and de Sants. This floor also has a huge market selling different foods, from all over the world.La RinascenteLa Rinascente also read: 10 most famous Arabic restaurants in Milan

Excelsior Milano

The Excelsior Mall Milan is made up of seven floors and is located in the heart of the city. It contains the most important international brands that launch its latest trends, making it a favorite destination for many tourists and locals. Among these brands are Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin. The mall is distinguished by its design that blends luxury and sophistication, and is also famous for its design and food stores. It is one of the most famous food stores in it, and in the city. It is divided into three parts, a section special for Take Away food, and a section for fast foods, while the last part is about taste.Excelsior MilanoExcelsior Milano

The Brain and Barry Building

The Brain and Barry building opened in 2015 and it extends to twelve floors; it includes various purchases from women’s, children’s and men’s clothing to cosmetics, accessories, jewelry, food, decoration supplies and design. The roof of the building overlooks a magical view of the city, so head to it after Tired shopping tour to have some rest and calm. Brian & Barry has more than a hundred international brands, which places it among the best malls in Milan.The Brain and Barry BuildingThe Brain and Barry Building

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