Any seat in the plane next to the wings, i.e. a traveler who wants to have a comfortable experience in the air, everyone has his work, or his tourist program when he gets off the plane, and a lot of things, so no one likes to sit beside the wings that may affect his vision and not only this, Since in this part there are motors and many internal machines that may affect your sleep and your psychological state, what are the best seats in the plane? Which is the worst? Many questions we answer simple, so follow us.

Split seat seats:

Below we will talk about the division of seats on the plane, which is the best and likable for travelers, and which is hateful, in order to help you to choose the best seat on your next flight:

  • The seat that most travelers would absolutely prefer is Seat 6A. Its most important feature is that it is far from the center of the plane and the people are going and returning, which may affect the focus or sleep of the traveler
  • The seat the traveler does not want to sit on is any seat 31E which is in the middle of the plane to the back, due to the fact that it is one of the most uncomfortable seats because it is far from the bathroom, and also away from the exit door, which makes the traveler feel confused, as he will think what he will do If they are in danger.
  • The first rows of the plane are absolutely preferred by travelers, according to the poll we have prepared. The first 6 rows of the plane are the first desire of 50% of the passengers. It combines being comfortable and not expensive, such as business seats, but recently some airlines increased the price by 8 pounds, compared to 3 pounds for the rest of the economy.
  • Seats near the window in the plane are preferred by passengers by 60 percent compared to internal seats, while seats in the middle, which is the option that no traveler wants to take, only 1 percent of passengers.

Which seat in the plane is next to the wings?

  • The arrangement and quality of the seats varies from company to company and from one line to another, which makes the seats beside the wings vary greatly, so it is important to check the plane you are traveling in.
  • As a general rule, seats next to the wings in the plane are often the beginning of tickets for the economic seats category, and sitting beside the wings may impede visibility and definitely affect your experience in the plane so it is better for you to avoid choosing the front economic category seats and choose the seats in the background.
  • You can also choose the following seats for the wings, which have a wonderful view up to where you will be able to see the wings moving beautifully and without feeling any noise.
  • Of course, choosing the A class seats will be great, as there are no engine and wings sounds that might make you feel uncomfortable.

What is the perfect choice if you want to sleep?

The perfect option if you want to sleep and if your flight will last for a long time is the windows facing the seat.

What is the perfect choice for those who go to the bathroom frequently?

The seats in the corridor to go to the bathroom, without feeling embarrassed, and you frequently ask the person sitting next to you to get up to allow you to go to the bathroom, this seat provides you with the opportunity to go and return without problems, and the seat is suitable for tall people who want to straighten their leg Freely in excess space, as the seat is not comfortable for them.

Which is better, the right or left part of the plane?

On most planes the left part is much better than the right part because it is larger in size, where there is an opportunity to lean on the wall, sit more freely and with less tension, which is the 6A class seats.

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