Who among us does not want to travel to Indonesia, but does not know the correct procedures for traveling and arriving in Indonesia without any problems. We will talk about the most important information you need to know before traveling as well as how to obtain a visa, and how Egyptians can visit Indonesia in a simple and detailed manner.

What do you need in order to travel to Indonesia:


Of course, in order to be able to visit any country at all, you need a passport, and it must fulfill certain conditions regarding Indonesia:

  • Your passport must be valid for a period of six months or more if you want to travel to Indonesia.
  • You must leave your country, and arrive in Indonesia six months before the valid period in your passport, and if you have arrived in Indonesia, and the validity of your passport is less than six months, you may be subject to legal issues, and you may have to pay a large or a fine or be deported to Your country again.
  • The length of stay that you will stay in Indonesia, which is determined during the issuance of the visa, must be fully mentioned, and in detail in your passport, taking into account that the last six months are not counted in your passport. If your passport is valid for eight months, for example, you take a permit to stay. In Indonesia for a period of only two months for not counting the last six months.
  • Entry card for the country of Indonesia

    The entry card for Indonesia and the passengers are usually distributed on the plane, and it contains some information that you must fill in, such as some of your personal data, and some of the data in your passport.
    The entry card is divided into two parts, one of which is the largest on the left, and you will hand it over to the employee responsible for checking the passport procedures, and that it is valid, at the airport when you arrive, so that you will be logged into the country while the second part, which is the small on the right, will keep it until The date on which you will travel again from Indonesia, and receive it again while you are leaving the country.
    In the event that you lose the part to the right you will have to pay a large fine of $ 100, and it is important to write your data in English.

    Tourist visa:

    • The tourist visa determines the period in which it will remain in the country, and the tourist visa is usually 30 days, and it is issued for $ 25, and a two-month residence permit can be extracted, and the price reaches $ 45.
    • One of the conditions for obtaining a tourist visa is that the passport is valid for a period of no less than 7 months if you will obtain a visa for a month, and not less than 8 months if you want to obtain a tourist visa that is valid for two months.
    • You must specify the date on which you will travel from Indonesia, book the ticket with a photograph, and pay the specified visa costs.
    • Many Arab countries allow the issuance of travel visas to Indonesia with ease, including the Arab Republic of Egypt, the State of Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia in addition to Bahrain and Oman, while some countries allow the issuance of the visa for a month, all Arab countries allow travel to Indonesia for a period of 60 day.

    Indonesian identity:

    It is important to keep your passport for the duration of your stay in Indonesia, until the time that you will travel back to your country.
    The airport is notified at the time you leave, and it is important to keep your passport in a safe place in order to be able to move freely, walk in the streets, and participate in various activities, the passport is a subject of theft.
    An Indonesian ID is created, and it is one of the things that is obtained by photographing the travel passport with the visa that indicates the time you will stay in the country, and then submitting the various papers to the official authority responsible for the Indonesian identities where the paper is stamped formally, which confirms the authenticity of the papers that Carry them, and then visit your country’s embassy to certify the papers, usually they will ask for the phone number and address you reside in in Indonesia.
    It is important to make sure you book your return ticket when visiting Indonesia, and this is done by referring to the airline’s office, which is one of the places specializing in checking travel reservations.

    Traveling to Indonesia from Egypt:

    It is important for you to travel from Egypt to the country of Indonesia that provides several conditions, which have been stated by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which are represented in the following:

  • That the citizen has a passport that is valid for a period of six months or more, and that your passport is not full pages.
  • Passenger reservation for one-way travel ticket to Indonesia, in addition to one to leave Indonesia.
  • That is, the traveler owns a sum of money in order to obtain a travel visa not less than $ 1,000 cash or via a Visa or Master Card, and that the card be in his name in person.
  • The Egyptian must pay the visa fee, which varies with the length of the visa. For a 30-day visa, it is $ 25 with the need to fill in the information on the Indonesia entry card.

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