London hotels are known for their rather high prices, but you can find cheap accommodation if you plan to spend a long time there, there are hotel chains that offer good options for travelers with modest budgets, although they are not characterized by historical atmosphere and are not similar to hotels dating back to ancient times. , But you will get clean, comfortable rooms, and free breakfast, among which are Premier Inn, Travelodge and Express by Holiday Inn.

But if you prefer to stay in traditional London hotels without spending a lot of money, you can stay in hotels like the Luna & Simone, or the Morgan Hotel, which offer good rooms with TV screens, a full English breakfast, but the two hotels do not have elevators.
You can also save money by staying in a youth hostel, or reserving a hotel room or hostel outside the crowded areas, but in this case you will spend some money on transportation, so that you can reach the tourist places, attractions and famous restaurants located in the heart of the city.

Food in London

Restaurants in London are distinguished for serving food from all cuisines around the world, and their prices range in line with all budgets. You do not have to go to major or well-known restaurants such as Pizza Hat and Burger King in order to have delicious meals. You can eat cheap, delicious, and delicious meals as well.
Sometimes visitors to London eat breakfast that is served at the hotel and is a traditional English breakfast, and they get in the middle of the day fish, potatoes or other simple meals, to save money for a hearty and hearty dinner.
Indian food is best for those who will spend a long time in London without spending much money on food, and it is available and available there, as there are a lot of restaurants that offer delicious Indian food. If you prefer Asian food, you will also find many restaurants serving it.

Arrive in London

You can reach London by air through one of the five airports located there, most flights from the United States reach Heathrow Airport, as well as aircraft land at Gatwick Airport, London Stansted Airport, London Luton Airport and London City Airport.
You can also travel via Eurostar trains, which are the trains that surround the entire European continent, and reach the British capital, and if you are in Ireland you can reach London by ferry.


London’s transportation is relatively safe and cheap, and you can travel from one place to another easily and without spending large amounts of money through the bus and train networks that connect every place in the city to another. London Black Taxi is one of the most popular means of transportation there, although it is somewhat expensive, but you will enjoy a lot of time while sitting on the comfortable seats inside these luxury cars that accompany you on a city tour. If you want to save and not spend large amounts of money, then you have the small taxis, they are cheaper in price but uncomfortable compared to the black taxi. You can also order an Uber car, as the service is located in London.

Free and cheap tourist places

London is full of magnificent gardens, historic buildings, galleries and museums, so most of the city’s charming visitors are drawn from the beauty of what they see and can never see or visit all the sites and tourist attractions on their list. The good news is that London has many free museums and attractions, and you can visit 20 amazing and famous places without spending 10 pence.
Not only is the British Museum free, but you can also spend a whole day there wandering around and learning about the many civilizations and historical mysteries of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Also in the museum’s library there are famous book chains and manuscripts that you will only find there.
You will find most London visitors keen to visit some famous sites such as Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, while others prefer spending a pleasant time in the lush green parks and gardens there.

Events and festivals

London is famous for being a city full of festivals and events, especially the Guard Changing Ceremony. And if you visit London in mid-May, you’ll have a great time at Chelsea Flower Show. She can celebrate with Queen Elizabeth the locals in June, although her real birthday is in April.
The London Festival begins in mid-June and continues until early August. Free concerts are held in the open air, and many indoor events are closed.

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