Stuttgart, the capital of the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in southern Arabia, is known as an important industrial center besides being a distinctive tourist destination. It is full of green spaces, gardens, museums and other landmarks that make the public transportation system an important means of being used continuously by tourists and locals.

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Here is all you need to know about transportation in Stuttgart

The most important transportation information

The transport network in Stuttgart is unique and includes; buses, trams, and an underground train all running from five until one in the morning every day. The city also has a night bus network, which operates in the late hours of the night when other public transportation is not available. Ticket price is determined by regions, for example; the price of a single ticket that reaches one direction up to a short distance reaches 1.20 and is classified as the cheapest. Single and combined tickets are available all day, and prices range from five to thirteen dollars. The public transport system in Stuttgart is modern and efficient, and it is located among the best in Europe, as it provides the same quality and level service to both tourists and locals.

Three-Day Transportation Ticket

This ticket is one of the most important and best applications, within the transportation system in Stuttgart. It allows unlimited transportation for three days within the city limits, and can be used by three individuals; one adult and two children; provides access to various types of transportation; buses, trains and railways. The ticket costs eight and a half euros, and if you want to extend the ticket for more than three days the price will increase.

Types of transportation


One of the most important types of transportation in Stuttgart is that it is simple. If you cannot determine the price of the ticket, do not worry about it; just tell the bus driver where to stop, and it will determine the price for you. Also if you are going to a popular and known destination; the driver gives you a bus ticket that takes you all the way to your destination.Buses


There are huge underground lines across Stuttgart, as well as great train service. The S line takes you to some of the city’s suburbs, and the price of reaching two regions reaches eight euros. Expect to pay two euros for a one-way ticket, the price of the ticket depends on where you go. The train station includes a sign with different destinations, and all lines continue to work until the second Half past ten in the morning.


The tram line stretches across different areas of Stuttgart, and is a great way to get around and see a number of great city sights. However, it is very slow in relation to other modes of transportation; thus you can use it if you feel a little tired and you cannot walk or if you want to try it if you do not You ever get there.Tram

Getting to Stuttgart

The train is the best way to reach Stuttgart, as it guarantees comfort, effort and money. If you travel at night, it will save you the cost of staying in a hotel or similar, as it provides comfortable and clean places to sleep. Besides, it allows you to see a large part of Germany, mix with a wide variety of cultures, and learn about the customs and traditions of this people. The train station is located in the heart of a city Stuttgart, and travelers, whether tourists or locals, flock to it daily.

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