Disneyland is the land of dreams for many children, families and families, but in addition to being one of the largest entertainment cities in the world it is one of the wealthiest economic institutions that employ a fleet of marketing workers to be able to attract more money to the Disneyland series, and if this Your first visit is in a land of imagination and fun, as there are some mistakes that you may make and compel you to spend more money, so pay attention to it!

Mistakes made when visiting Disneyland
1- Purchasing items on arrival instead of bringing them before traveling
It is okay for a person to spend on the things that he needs inside the Disneyland world, but it will be costly if the person left his personal belongings at home and came to buy some of them from this place, so the person must make sure that he is brought well for all the things that he might need such as Dresses, sunglasses, shoes and phone charger, sun visor etc.

2- Purchase toys that glow in the dark
Children very much love the acquisition of these games that light up in the dark, but the only problem is that these games find their way to the trash after they dim their light and go irreversibly, and there are other types of these lights that work with batteries but lose their luster once the trip is over so there is no need To spend 20 dollars on games like this.

3- Star War games
Star War or “Star Wars” is one of the most famous marketing lines in the world, and Disneyland has the right to sell its LEGO games, as there is in every corner of Disneyland a different game from these interesting games, but before rushing and buying one of these games the person can To search for it online to find if it is available in an electronic store, and he will find that its price is almost half the price displayed in it within Disneyland, so wait before buying.

4- Deception of promotional tricks of meals inside Disneyland
Disneyland’s food promotion plans are smart, while meals do not include any entrees, and an 18% fee is added to the bill, and the beverage item was added recently this year as it was not previously, so bringing in some types of food that can be eaten inside The city is one of the things that can be done to save some money when in Disneyland.

5- Visit Disneyland during peak times
The cost of visiting Disneyland increases in times of holidays, events and celebrations, and these are peak times, and the cost of staying in the city may increase from $ 100 per night to $ 200 at peak times, so it is best to stay away from these seasons.
6- Spending a lot of money on water
Orlando temperature rises in the summer and with the high temperature and walking inside the city, visitors need water constantly, so the visitor becomes in front of two options either to buy a water bottle with $ 3 whenever he needs to do so, or to bring one bottle of water and fill it from the fountains that fill Throughout the city.

7- Not to lose offers and discounts before visiting
Disneyland always makes great offers and discounts through special pages and coupons on the official website of the Disneyland group, so before you reserve anything you have to check the official page, you may get a special discount on accommodation, purchases or games.
8- Lack of attention for free purposes
Despite the fact that most things inside Disneyland contain a price tag, there are some free things that people who visit the city for the first time may not be aware of. There is free parking inside Disneyland, and there is an imaginary LEGO center located on an area of ​​3000 feet Square, and all the objects or games inside are free, so look for free games first.

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