Architecture tells the story of the ages

Barcelona has architectural treasures, some dating back more than 2,000 years. The columns of the aubergine temples, the old city walls, and the underground stone corridors provide a window that overlooks the Romen era, while a stroll through the mysterious corridors of the Gothic Quarter dates back to the Middle Ages.

The lofty squares and cathedrals have been quiet since the fourteenth century. On the other hand, the city is adorned with modern sculptural smells from the mixture of strange creations made by the architect Gaudi and his Catalan contemporaries. The city’s major museums include Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro.

The city of delicious food

Chef Albert Adria, Carlis Abelan and others are part of the long and famous Catalan culinary traditions, simple ingredients turn into exquisite delicacies served in captivating settings. Tourists can enjoy a rich paella dish at an outdoor table overlooking the sea or return to the 1920’s in the elegant Art Nouveau dining room, as well as Galician seafood bars, Japanese avant-garde restaurants and sinister chocolate shops are all essential parts of Barcelona’s culinary landscape. .

The beaches of the Iberian sun

The sunny beaches in front of the deep blue ocean provide a great place for various sports from swimming to surfing and kayaking to jogging on sand and cycling. The forested hills of the Collserola are located behind the city, providing a scenic environment for hiking, cycling and scenic views. Montjuic Hill near the city center has panoramic views of the botanical gardens, sculptures, old castle and thriving museums.

Barcelona is beating with music

The city begins a different life cycle as night falls, dancing to the tunes of live music playing throughout the city, its streets filled with fast flamenco rhythms, jazz and classic parties in the old concert halls. In addition to the city’s famous festivals, whether it is the Indiva Festival of dance and dance music Primavera in June or the Festival of Gracia in August.

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