Visit these beaches, which are considered the most beautiful in the city of Jeddah.

Dora the bride

Durrat Al-Arous is a tourist city on the Red Sea coast. A visit to Durrat Al-Arous is considered a tourist trip in itself, as it contains tourist villages, sports clubs, shops, restaurants, hotels, cafes, a golf club, another equestrian and a yacht marina.
Durrat Al-Arous is considered one of the oldest private beaches in Jeddah, which established in one way or another the principle of private beaches because it attracted a large number of families of young people and therefore was opened up by others to experience private beaches.
Beach access does not require membership and the place is known for its friendly public atmosphere. The place is said to be huge, as, as we said, Durrat Al-Arous is a tourist city, with more than 1000 beaches and villas. One of the distinctive beaches in Durrat Al-Arous is the velvet beach, which is located on the Golden Beach Island, which is the island number 2 within the tourist civilization, and this beach is distinguished by its proximity to the open sea. Among the distinctive beaches is also the blue beach, which is characterized by a group of different villas, as each of them has its own architectural style, and it also provides complete privacy for visitors.

Silver sand beach

Silver sand beach is one of the finest private beaches in Jeddah. It is distinguished by its western style, white sand, and clear turquoise waters, and it provides many options for visitors, whether swimming or relaxing, or doing a large number of water sports and sailing. It is a tourist resort, which means that it is not only related to swimming and water sports, but it can be pampered by doing a lot of other activities. In fact, most of the comments that can be found on tourist sites by people who visit the beach are similar to the beaches of the Caribbean islands. It also includes a number of restaurants that offer a variety of different dishes.


A luxurious experience in the full meaning of the word provided by Indigo. Entry is through an annual subscription or by invitation. It is one of the private beaches in Jeddah that has great fame, whether among the Saudis themselves or between visiting Arabs or foreigners. Of course, this fame is not out of nowhere, so Indigo provides perfect in every respect. There is a great concern for the comfort and welfare of the customer, not to mention the great luxury and picturesque beaches. A person can swim, relax or do different water activities. Resort designed in the way of Resorts Bali and in fact, once you enter the place you will feel that you are no longer inside Saudi Arabia. Members can choose between studio apartments or villas and enjoy the huge swimming pools, waterfalls, spa and boat trips.

Oia Resort

Oia Resort, inspired by Mykonos and Santorini, is a small piece of Greece within the city of Jeddah. Stone houses in white and blue, wooden doors, paved paths and colorful flowers take the person straight to Greece. The resort contains residential units, restaurants as well as villas for guests who have a subscription and for their guests. You can enjoy swimming or water activities. This resort is a new concept in the world of tourist resorts and it really provides an experience that cannot be tested anywhere.

Bhadur Resort

Bahadur Resort includes the most beautiful private beaches in Jeddah and is the ideal destination for everyone looking for tranquility and not wanting to spend their day in the crowd. The resort has an outdoor pool and a floating water park in the Red Sea. The activities that can be done are very numerous, whether rock climbing or water sports. Bahadur is a first-class guide destination because its spa provides ideal services. You can also benefit from staying there and learning to dive by experts in their field. The place is picturesque and features a fairy look that can make the person forget all his concerns and problems.

Makarim Al Nakheel Village Resort

Makarem village is located in the northern sailed bay of Obhur and is considered one of the finest tourist resorts in the city of Jeddah. What distinguishes the village of Makarem Al-Nakheel is that it provides the visitor with the beauty of the sea and sand in addition to the tranquility of green spaces. 83% of this village area is covered by green areas. The village consists of luxury villas, apartments and hotels, in addition to a water park and recreation centers. A person can swim, relax or play water sports .. Makarim Al Nakheel Village contains 112 luxury villas, 21 apartments and hotels consisting of 43 rooms and suites in addition to swimming pools, tennis court and many more.

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