The best wellness sanctuaries in Bali include great places to stay on the island, all of which offer attractive features and packages that reinforce the good use of facilities and services built for this purpose in order to increase the feeling of happiness and comfort. These hotels and resorts in Bali share one thing, and they allow you to escape, relax and get away from it all. These places use different approaches to promoting health and well-being, including physical fitness, yoga facilities and immense health spas, as well as treatments inspired by ancient healing traditions. This list includes the following.
1- Como Shambala Estate
Como Shambhala Estate is built in Ubud to provide relaxation and luxury to its guests. There are different types of wellness packages that you can choose from throughout the year. The center includes prominent international speakers and practitioners and a team of experts in the field of comprehensive wellness and healthy food, and those that combine modern science with ancient healing methods.

2- Vividments Bali Resort
Vivelments calls itself the “healing resort” that offers a selection of wellness places, and includes treatments inspired by Bali methods and youth recovery treatments, as well as detoxification and introduction of healthy diets and anti-aging through “fresh foods” and raw foods. Long term stays of up to 14 nights are also available on these packages. It provides a calm atmosphere integrated with nature, and supports non-smoking accommodation and alcohol.

3- Zen Bali Resort
Zen is one of the very few wellness retreats in North Bali that offer wellness packages designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. These packages include Ayurvedic spa treatments, combined with traditional Balinese body treatments, sunrise and sunset meditation or yoga exercises, and excursions specifically designed for some of the most explored sights in North Bali. Some packages also include entertainment “harmony” diving and snorkeling as part of the overall experience.

4- Bagus Gati Resort for Health & Wellness
This spa is located in the cold village of Sabatu in the highlands of central Bali. The property is situated on five hectares of lush hills, with a total of eight luxury spa villas, each with private spa facilities. There are also 10 distinct villas with wide windows overlooking the tropical forests. Besides yoga, meditation and basic performances, you can also choose for a three-night “spiritual journey” that includes cultural activities and nature.

5- The Luxury Floating Life Eco Resort
The main bamboo yoga suite in the product is its main scene, but there is more eye catching in this resort. Some of the programs span eight days and are designed to “revitalize” your life. You have to be away from everyday stressors, which include turning off your phone and any machines for a whole week to immerse yourself completely in a refreshing experience. The experience might include aromatherapy, poolside, yoga, massage, even excursions and cooking lessons.

6- Como Uma Ubud
Throughout your stay in Uma Beekomo, you will be invited to their entertaining and cultural activities such as daily yoga sessions, inspiring walks through rice paddies in the surrounding Ubud neighborhood, as well as hiking, cycling, temple visits and workshops. More intense wellness programs that include healthy food and detox are usually designed alongside its sister resort, Como Shambala Estate.

7- Omoniti Resort Bali
Since opening in 2010, Omonette Bali is in the village of Sudaji in north-central Bali, and it offers a unique experience that is close to nature, with environmentally friendly practices, not plastic or harmful chemicals. You will live in the community and people, and learn about their traditions and culture. The packages include long stay with cleansing and purifying, as well as the provision of Bali herbal medicines.

8- Village Tempe Resort Spa
This remote resort in Northeast Bali allows you to try programs that show you healthy and sustainable life practices. The packages combine healthy and complementary cuisine, rejuvenating spa treatments, yoga and spa, health and wellness workshops, and natural health practices. There are also packages for individual travelers, with private yoga lessons and lifestyle training. Daily meals include green juice, lunch and dinner with fresh coconut water.

9- Pengtava Vegarianyan Ubud Resort
Soothing sounds of nature complete your way to the resort through fruit and vegetable gardens. A variety of packages are offered at Pengsatva in Kendran Village near Ubud, including a two-night healing option where you start walking in rice paddies, practicing daily yoga and meditation, purification ceremonies inspired by Bali, along with vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and treatments Massage.

10- Villa Flow
On the far coast of Bali, the resort has a holistic wellness haven in the village of Seraya. Packages at the resort include a “detox” program for those who want to give relief to the digestive system. The program includes healthy food, juices, soups and fresh coconuts, along with yoga lessons to help stimulate blood circulation, healing spa treatments to stimulate the system and revitalize the skin. Accommodation packages are available for three and five nights.

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