Boracay Paradise sits in southern Manila, the Philippines, with an area of ​​no more than seven square kilometers, and it is a wonderful haven in the golden sun, which is visited by millions of local and foreign tourists. The island boasts all the tropical colors, from crystal blue waters rich in diverse marine life to the soft white sand mixed with palm trees and flowering tropical plants.

The area is crowded with fine hotels, shops, and beautiful markets. Romentic sailboats that accompany live music are playing from all over the city to dance to the tunes of fire dancers with a breathtaking scene. Restaurants in Boracay vary greatly, as tourists can taste all kinds of food from around the world, but with a distinct local flavor.

The region consists of three small complexes are Yapak in the north and Manoc in the south and are surrounded by the Balabag region, each of Yapak and Manoc are characterized by a group of picturesque mountains that reach 100 meters above sea level and are connected with each other with tropical jungles and intertwined paths ideal for hiking trips.

There are many water activities that start with dangerous swimming, passing by sailing with the locals, to windsurfing, which is one of the most popular activities on the spectacular beaches that exceed the twelve beaches, the most famous of which are Dniod, Alingai and Cagban, in addition to the bright white beach with its soft sand and clear waters, and the region also provides Regular trips for adventure enthusiasts to discover Yapak caves known as bat caves.

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