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Tourism in Budapest

Budapest is the official capital of the state of Hungary, and it is the political, economic, industrial and cultural center of the country. The city also contains many tourist attractions that make it an important destination for tourism on a global level; approximately 2,700,000 tourists visit it annually. This makes it thirty-seventh among the most famous cities in the world.

Ingredients of tourism in Budapest

Budapest has many characteristics that make it a good option for tourists, and among the most important of these characteristics:

  • Architecture: Where the city possesses many unique architectural styles, and it maintains its architecture and old buildings.
  • Date: Where the elegance and originality of the city appear when looking directly at it, it consists of two regions: Buda and Pest, and each of them has its own independent center and its historical landmarks.
  • weather: What distinguishes the city from many other tourist cities is that the surrounding mountains help to keep them relatively warm during the winter, and also prevent the arrival of large quantities of rain to it, while the weather may become relatively hot during the summer, and mild during the other seasons.
  • the prices: Where the prices of goods, food, and the costs of visiting tourist destinations in it are considered much lower than their counterparts in Western European countries, which helps in obtaining many experiences within the limited budgets.
  • Festivals: Where festivals are held in the city throughout the year, including: cultural festivals, music, food and film festivals, in addition to the summer festival, which is considered one of the most important.

The most important tourist destinations in Budapest

Budapest has many distinct tourist destinations, and here is a list of some of the most prominent of these destinations:

  • St. Stephen’s Church: It is one of the most important, and most beautiful and touristic destinations in the city, as it is distinguished by its unique architecture, and it contains a large number of statues and mosaic paintings, as it contains one hundred and fifty types of marble, and it should be noted that its construction took about fifty years, as it was completed Its construction in the year one thousand nine hundred and six.
  • Chain Bridge: It is a remarkable architectural and historical witness that connects the two parts of the city: Buda, and is built across the Danube River. The construction of this bridge, which is three hundred and seventy-five meters long, was completed in the nineteenth century AD, and this bridge is called the bridge that connects to the bridge of the Tesla chain. His sign.
  • parliament building: It is the building where government sessions are held in the country, as it is distinguished by its huge size, area, and beauty, besides gold and precious stones have been used to decorate it, knowing that it is considered the third largest building of Parliament in the world, with an area of ​​about eighteen thousand Square, and has 691 rooms, but its construction was completed in the year one thousand nine hundred and four.
  • Central Market: It is considered the largest closed shopping center in the city, and it is distinguished by its orange colors from the outside, and its roof is covered with unique tiles of its kind from the inside, knowing that foods, souvenirs, and traditional crafts are sold in it, and it belongs to us.
  • Thermal baths: It is related to the ancient customs of the city, as it is intended for Budapest tourists seeking comfort, and recreation without the need to go to the spa resorts in the villages.


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