Our topic about cafes in New Delhi, New Delhi is distinguished by many distinctive cafes that have all the capabilities and needs of customers, as there are what is loud, quiet and romantic ..

The best cafes in New Delhi

Hauz Khas Social ..

Hauz Khas Social ..Hauz Khas is considered one of the best cafes in New Delhi due to their international business, and is characterized by high quality, and serves wonderful cocktail drinks, there is quiet music in a wonderful atmosphere that makes you feel calm, and a wonderful atmosphere that makes you want to stay. It is one of the most social cafes in southern New Delhi, It attracts office and freelance entrepreneurs who want a quiet environment to work and conduct business meetings.

Hard Rock Café, Saket ..

Hard Rock Café, SaketHard Rock Café, The Socket Hard Rock Café is one of the cafes that gives people a laugh and fun, as it is characterized by spiritual music and delicious burgers, and the list of their songs is always full of surprises. The cafe also offers many foods and drinks that make this place enjoy high levels and a great place in List of the best cafes in New Delhi.

Delhi Heights, Chanakayapuri ..

It is one of the best cafes for visiting late at night, and the best coffee in New Delhi can be tasted with this cafe with delicious pancakes, which are characterized by many full flavors – bananas and seasonal fruits with tofu cream, chantilly, berries, soft chocolate, cheese and sweet potatoes – where they are distinguished by taste Delicious that gives the feeling of joy.

Nukkad, SDA ..

 Nukkad, SDANukkad, SDA is one of the most beautiful cafes in New Delhi, the restaurant is located in the most important area of ​​Nukkad in the SDA market, where this place will never fail to enter your pleasure. This place will attract you with its rustic character and sparkling fairy lights with dim lighting in addition to drinks and foods, from pizza, Kima Pav , Fries, pasta, hot pepper chicken, grilled sandwiches, chicken tikasas chipot, to chili style chili. This café offers from a special menu and special drinks on the roof that makes you need to come to this continuously. Also read: Transportation in New Delhi .. All that matters to you About commuting in New Delhi

Raasta, Hauz Khas Village ..

 Raasta, Hauz Khas VillageRaasta, Hauz Khas Village Rasta Café is one of the most vocal cafes in New Delhi and is suitable for holding karaoke parties in it, where strong DJs and concerts, which attract a lot to them, as it does not stop at concerts and you the cafe offers Caribbean dishes distinctive different types unlike anywhere else At NCR, the individual pays a small fee to enjoy reggae music playing in the background, and Rasta is one of the best cafes in Delhi for couples and friends.

Farzi Cafe, Connaught Place ..

Farzi Cafe, Connaught PlaceFarzi Cafe, Connaught Place This cafe is one of the best cafes in New Delhi, which must be visited, and mixing familiar flavors and placing them in special dishes gives them a wonderful and distinctive taste, the amazing Parle-G cheese taste and Tempura shrimp fried with foam gives a great taste. Detox ”, delicious cocktails, beloved sweets, and blended food make it one of the best cafes in central Delhi, and another branch has also recently opened in CyberHub.

Rose Cafe, Saidulajab ..

 Rose Cafe, SaidulajabRose Cafe, Saidulajab Rose Café is one of the most amazing cafes in the city, where people are delighted with its wonderful atmosphere, beautiful colors of pastel violet and light blue, as the ceilings decorate beautiful lamps, all mixed with lighting appropriate only to set the mood. Also, Rose Cafe undoubtedly The best cafe in New Delhi for couples, and you should not miss the experience of their heavenly espresso cake. Also read: Famous Food in India .. Learn the 9 most famous Indian recipes that swept the world

Diggin, Chanakyapuri ..

Diggin, Chanakyapuri ..Diggin, Chanakyapuri .. This cafe has a wonderful space with beautiful French windows, overlooking lush green gardens, colorful cages with birds, reflexes to calm down and calm the mind, and Dijen Café is one of New Delhi’s most romantic cafes that got the mark of merit to Totally large level.A person can take his girlfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day in New Delhi to it, as they approach the famous Creme Brulee coffee.

Di Ghent Cafe, DLF Phase 4 ..

Di Ghent Cafe, DLF Phase 4Di Ghent Cafe, DLF Phase 4 is one of the most beautiful cafes in New Delhi, in this cafe you can have a delicious breakfast or a good weekend lunch as this famous cafe will make every moment you spend worthy of it. De Ghent offers the best coffee in New Delhi, and is known for its warm and comfortable environment The magnificent location and refined atmosphere, which is sure to be a romantic success. De Ghent contains a classic collection of soups, salads and pies, and it offers authentic flavor items on your plate with an amazing presentation and praise that makes it one of the best cafes in Delhi.

Sherry One cotep ..

It is a pleasant place that is convenient and suitable for couples who do not mind eating expensive food in a private place. Chery was designed very carefully by the famous architect Lucy Salon, and it features elegant interiors that give your heart a delight. Soft lighting, ethnic cuisine and exotic drinks are considered Live music performances are perfect for celebrating a romantic evening with your partner.

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