Calgary sits between the Canadian Rocky Mountains and its warm winter winds dot the Canadian skyline, surrounded by stunning national parks and stunning snowy mountain slopes. The city offers many beautiful activities and facilities that attract tourists from all over the world all year round.

The Rocky Mountains extend on the borders of Calgary or “Jasper” and Vancouver, and cross west with the coasts of the Pacific Ocean through the tall mountain wall of the Rockies in Canmore. Three thousand meters, the most famous of which is Banff Peak, where Lake Louise, the Horse Road, and the stunning Rogers Pass are located.

The Calgary Zoo was founded in 1912, and is located on St. George Island on the Po River, and is home to many rare and endangered species along with a group of beautiful botanical gardens. The city’s heritage village provides a snapshot of the four different time periods the country has passed through historic buildings and castles, along with the Gasoline Museum, which offers an interactive experience with unique and vintage cars, and provides various activities such as sailing and kayaking.

The Olympic Village sits on the western slopes of the city, which was established in 1988 to host the fifteenth Winter Olympics, and is still open today to visitors wishing to ski, snowboard and mountain biking, while the jump tower provides panoramic views of the glistening city skyline Also, the village contains the Canada Sports Hall of Fame.

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