Montreal Biodome is an indoor zoo, fish tank and botanical garden combined together located in the city of Montreal, offering one of the most famous groups of ecosystems in a closed place in the world.
Many animal species and indigenous plant life are exposed in a number of different regions of the world. The facility also provides all the living organisms that lie under its roof with temperatures, humidity and appropriate livelihoods for it. It is also one of the most famous tourist areas in Canada, attracting nearly 800 , 000 visitors every year.

Montreal Biodome facility

Things to do

• When you visit the Montreal Biodome facility, you will have the opportunity to see a large number of neighborhoods that you will not be able to see anywhere else within Canada, such as the giant non-toxic anaconda snake whose average length ranges from 3 meters to 4, you will enjoy watching this famous live closely. .

Montreal Biodome facility

Serious piranha fish are among the creatures that will have the opportunity to see them closely when you visit Montreal Biodome, and they are among the most exciting fishes where they remain bloodthirsty most of the time and despite their small size are among the most predatory fish species, as they depend on their huge numbers to devour their prey.

Montreal Biodome facility

• One of the unique animals that live in huge societies on the polar continent and that the Montreal facility provides for the livelihoods inside is the distinctive penguin, so you will enjoy it very much when you visit this special section.

Montreal Biodome facility

• Taking commemorative photos next to this unique diversity of plant and animal environments is important, you should make sure that you have taken good photos alongside your favorite animals.

work hours

All days of the week from 9:00 am until 18:00 pm.

Prices for entry tickets

Adults $ 20.25 CAD.
From the age of five to 16 years old 10.25 Canadian dollars.
Children under 5 years free entrance.
For more information about changing prices, you can visit the official website .. from here

Hotels near Montreal Bodrum facility

Universal Montreal is a 4-star Canada hotel located just 800 meters from the Montreal Biodome facility
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Arab visitors praised the hotel’s location close to the attractions, with some negative notes on the level of cleanliness and inconvenience in the hotel rooms
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Charlemagne 2662 Hotel Apartments, one of the best Montreal hotels, is located just 800 meters from the Bydome of Montreal
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The apartments are highly rated by excellent Arab visitors, with very positive comments on the site and the level of cleanliness and services
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Biodome of Montreal site

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