If you were looking for cheap restaurants in Abu Dhabi then you are now in the right place, despite the large number of restaurants and their diversity in the city of Abu Dhabi, some people may be confused in choosing between those restaurants; it is not well known the best restaurants and dating them in prices, so we now offer you the following article Which makes it easy for you to choose, as we prepared for you a list of the best cheap restaurants in Abu Dhabi that combine high quality and low price

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Best cheap restaurants in Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates is made up of several emirates or cities, all of which are beautiful and magnificent, but the city of Abu Dhabi is the most beautiful and magical, as there are many tourism ingredients that made it a destination for tourists from all parts of the earth, and the city is concerned with all factors that help attract more One of the tourists, as tourism is one of the most important sources of national income for the UAE in general.
There are many different restaurants in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as there are large ones that have many branches, and there are small and simple in their composition, as the dishes offered by these restaurants vary, as they are not limited to serving Arab meals only, but we also find all Western food from French and italyn, as you take Indian food is located in the city of Abu Dhabi, and the price of meals varies in those restaurants, but there are a number of those restaurants that were able to achieve the difficult equation by reconciling high quality and cheap price, as these restaurants are classified as the best cheap restaurants in Abu Dhabi as a whole.
We now offer you the names of those restaurants so that you can choose among them whatever you like and for all your family members. Also read: Cheap Markets in Abu Dhabi ..

• Rose Water Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Rose Water Restaurant in Abu DhabiRose Water Restaurant in Abu Dhabi This restaurant is characterized by the great diversity in the foods it offers, it includes a large group of the most skilled chefs, so it offers many local and famous meals in the UAE, as it deals with Arab and international cuisine, it is like a kitchen around the world, and many love to eat their meals in That restaurant, due to its wonderful location, as it is located in the Etihad Tower, so it makes eating a meal very enjoyable by looking from the top of the tower all over the city and enjoying these views, and it is among the cheap restaurants in Abu Dhabi

• Al-Iwan Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Al-Iwan Restaurant in Abu Dhabi
Al-Iwan Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is one of the Lebanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi city, where Lebanese restaurants are spread all over the city due to the consistency of its meal being light and simple, and the percentage of fat in it is low, so it is suitable from the diet that many follow, and Al-Iwan is distinguished as being among the chain of the best restaurants Cheap in Abu Dhabi, it offers delicious and delicious Lebanese food and meals with medium and low prices, and the demand for that restaurant increases during the month of Ramadan, as it offers many offers and discounts, the price of a full breakfast can reach about ninety dirhams only per person, in addition to that Li discounts offered on many occasions and holidays that, so we find that this restaurant is a destination for families of more than Alofrad.aqro also: Tourist places in Abu Dhabi

• Al-Maqam Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Al Maqam Restaurant in Abu DhabiAl Maqam Restaurant in Abu Dhabi This restaurant is the main and main destination for everyone who wants to enjoy the charming oriental atmosphere, so many tourists love him, and this restaurant is not limited to serving only famous Emirati meals, but also finds Arab and international dishes, in addition to that the restaurant is distinguished by serving many Great artistic and cultural performances.

• Melios Restaurant

Memos Restaurant in Abu DhabiMimos Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is a cheap restaurant in Abu Dhabi, and it is one of the famous Lebanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi. The restaurant is distinguished by its great diversity in its dishes, as it offers distinctive varieties of appetizers, dishes and main meals, in addition to delicious and delicious juices and desserts, and that restaurant was able to win the admiration of everyone where it arrives To him Arabs and non-Arabs, whether they are from the UAE, expatriates or tourists, and the restaurant also provides home delivery service, as for the prices of meals in that restaurant are simple within reach, in addition to the wonderful level of service that the restaurant provides to its visitors. Read also: Alama N tourism in the eye for families ..

• Almaz by restaurant

Cheap restaurants in Abu DhabiCheap restaurants in Abu DhabiThis restaurant is one of the cheapest restaurants in Abu Dhabi, and it combines Lebanese and Moroccan meals, so you find a great diversity in its dishes and meals, and it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, so we find most of its customers who love Moroccan food, as well as light Lebanese, and the Almaz Restaurant is characterized by Momos In Abu Dhabi, with its sophisticated décor and its distinctive and calm designs that provide psychological comfort in the place, as it is known that the eye eats before the mouth, and this is what the restaurant took great care of.

• Punjab Grill restaurant

This restaurant is considered one of the cheapest restaurants in Abu Dhabi city, and it is one of the favorite restaurants for families and families, so everyone who wants to spend quality time with his family finds in this restaurant the best options, and it is highly preferred for vegetarians and those who stay away from meat and the like. With his beauty, which makes eating a meal very wonderful and listening. Read also: The cost of traveling to Dubai for a week

• Taboon

Taboon restaurant in Abu DhabiTaboon Restaurant in Abu DhabiTaboon Restaurant is considered a cheap restaurant in Abu Dhabi city, and this restaurant specializes in providing light and fast meals, which are prepared in the Lebanese or Western way, and the most famous cuisine of this restaurant is the various pizzas and sandwiches in addition to lasagna and various authorities, and for the convenience of the restaurant on His customers provided home delivery service. After knowing all the cheap restaurants in Abu Dhabi, all you have to do is choose the restaurant that suits you according to your favorite foods.

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