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The cheapest restaurants in Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt, and therefore it is full of restaurants that specialize in providing the finest food, as these restaurants are characterized by delicious snacks that tourists love, as well as pure Egyptian dishes and other distinctive Asian cuisine.

Cheap restaurants in Hurghada

The Lodge Restaurant

The Lodge is considered one of the best and best restaurants in Hurghada, and it is located in the Marina district of Hurghada. The restaurant specializes in providing high-quality European and international cuisine, and the lounge is known for serving seafood with a selection of fish and steaks that have a unique taste that was prepared on charcoal One of the most prominent things that the restaurant offers is delicious juices and beautiful drinks. The Lounge is one of the most famous cheap restaurants in Hurghada that offers a large variety of vegetarian dishes, as well as a lot of grilled meat. The lounge also features a number of live shows for artists Yin or on special occasions such as the sauce for the night that is launched every Saturday. Read also: Family places to stay in Hurghada

Porden Restaurant

Borden Restaurant is famous in Hurghada that it offers its visitors a lot of Eastern and European cuisine, and the restaurant is characterized by cutting the décor that gives the guest a feeling of classicism and elegance, in addition to what he offers of famous local dishes such as Egyptian beef marinated with cumin and oriental rice, and Borden Restaurant is also famous for what it provides Salmon steaks and seafood. The Borden restaurant is considered one of the cheapest restaurants in Hurghada, and the restaurant offers a number of specials three times a week, and these offers are presented by local artists, among them are fire shows on Tuesday or acrobatics. Riqih Thursday evening.

South Beach Restaurant
The South Beach Restaurant is one of the most famous cheap restaurants in Hurghada, and it is characterized by serving pizza and many seafood, and the South Beach Restaurant is famous for its serving of grilled food in a suitable lounge right next to the beach, in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, and the pieces of the restaurant decor are characterized by providing the guest with a state of comfort Self and stability, and restaurant officials are interested in holding regular concerts to play live music, as well as DJs that are organized every week.

Caribbean Restaurant

The Caribbean restaurant is considered one of the cheapest restaurants in Hurghada, and it is famous for providing many fresh salads as well as a large variety of grilled dishes, in beautiful sessions overlooking the Red Sea beach directly, and the restaurant during the day is interested in serving delicious coffee and delicious cocktails, which is what it enjoys Guests periodically ask for it, but in the evening, guests cause delight in international delicacies. Read also: Cheap markets in Cairo .. 14 markets

White Elephant Restaurant

The White Elephant Restaurant in Hurghada is known as one of the cheap and beautiful restaurants, and it is also known as one of the best places that offer Thai food that is truly prepared by the best chefs in Thailand. Thai cuisine is characterized by its delicious food with hot spices, and among those dishes are also meat dishes And chicken as well as various fish and seafood dishes.

Starfish Restaurant

For everyone looking for cheap, beautiful and cheap restaurants in Hurghada, if you are a starfish restaurant, you are a delicious seafood lover, the starfish restaurant is the perfect place for you, where you can choose between different types of fish as well as grilled shrimps, with pasta, and fish soup Excellent with spicy rice, which is very popular with restaurant visitors.

Gad restaurant

Hurghada contains a large number of cheap and distinctive restaurants, and serious restaurant is one of the most famous of these restaurants, and this restaurant is famous for providing delicious pure Egyptian meals, as well as beautiful play meals which made it a destination for many local tourists, and among the most famous meals that are served in it we find famous fast food And favorites in Egypt, such as beans, falafel and shawarma in addition to a wide variety of soups and salads, in addition to delicious sweets. Read also: travel advice to Egypt ..

Nubian Restaurant and Café

Nubian Restaurant is a cheap restaurant and it is one of the most popular cheap restaurants in Hurghada, which is intended by tourists to enjoy the delicious and delicious taste of the foods served by chefs with great experience in the world of cooking. And in an authentic way with serving delicious food and poultry.

Zahra bakery

Among the best, most famous, and cheapest restaurants in Hurghada, which specializes in providing the closest personal cuisine for desserts, pastries, bakery, etc. Suhoor in Ramadan.

Abu Khadija Restaurant

The kebab is the king of food and it is the most expensive at all. However, there are many cheap restaurants that try as much as possible to provide it with better taste and cheaper prices to attract more and more guests, and the most famous of these restaurants is Abu Khadija Restaurant, which specializes in providing authentic Egyptian kebab and various food dishes The other local, as Abu Khadija restaurant satisfies the city visitors with a variety of kebabs, kofta, pizza, pies of various kinds and flavors, as well as stuffed cabbage leaves, and many, many other delicious appetizers and grills, and the restaurant does not overlook the provision of delicious juices and drinks Also Shahyh.aqro: places Sahar Family in Cairo ..

Del Mar Restaurant and Café

One of the most beautiful and famous restaurants in Hurghada, this restaurant is characterized by serving Western food and a lot of European and Central European cuisine, as well as del Mar restaurant is famous for providing Norwegian, Scandinavian and Swedish dishes famous, and it is known about Del Mar Restaurant that it is one of the cheapest restaurants in Hurghada, and it offers different foods Suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Del Mar menu is one of the most famous menu in Hurghada, as it contains many types of European food.

Portofino Restaurant

Portofino Restaurant is famous for being the most famous and cheapest of the italyn cuisine, such as pizza and pasta, which were prepared with the finest ingredients and seasoned with the most delicious spices. Lots of delicious pastries ideal for evening snacks. Read also: unknown tourist spots in Cairo

Need restaurant

Although the restaurant is one of the smallest restaurants in Hurghada, it is very popular and very popular there, especially among the local people in Hurghada, and the restaurant is famous for providing fresh food every day, especially the pure local Egyptian cuisine, and it is one of the most famous cheap restaurants in Hurghada. Provided by the restaurant of need, we find a lot of homemade recipes such as white rice and vermicelli noodles and vegetables we find okra with red sauce and other vegetables, as well as mutton, white beans, pasta with béchamel, grilled kofta and kebabs, and also the restaurant is known for serving dagas C grilled and different white and red meat and various types of birds such as pigeons and quail, and birds and meat grilled on charcoal. Between two to six in the evening is the best time to eat in this restaurant due to the popularity of visitors during that period and the guarantee of specially made fresh foods.

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