المسافرون العرب


It is a country made up of a group of islands, located in the Indian Ocean, near the eastern coast of the continent of Africa, and is considered one of the nearest islands to Madagascar, Seychelles, Tanzania, and Mozambique, and its area is approximately 1.862 square kilometers, and it occupies the third rank in terms of the smallest country In Africa by area, it has a population of 798,000 people

It occupies the sixth rank in terms of the least populated country in Africa, and the island is distinguished by its historical and cultural diversity.


Comoros is one of the countries with a low population, with a population of less than one million, and yet it is one of the countries with a population density, which is estimated at approximately 275 people per square kilometer, and the proportion of urban residents has reached 34 % In the year 2001 AD, and this percentage is likely to increase significantly, because the growth is negative for the rural population.


The Comorian population has its origins in Afro-Arab origins, and the Islamic religion is the official religion on the islands, where the number of Muslims constitutes approximately 98% of the total population, and there is a minority of Catholics in Mayotte.

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The language

The language of Shikamar is the most common language on the islands, and it is derived from the Swahili language and the Arabic language, but as for the destinations, there is the dialect of Shingazijia, which is the dialect of the inhabitants of Ngazijia Island, and the Shimaali dialect, which is the dialect of the island of Mawali, and the dialect of Shinsanwani, which is the dialect of the island of Anzani, and there is a widespread spread of the Arabic language And the French language is widely spread in the types of formal education, and the proportion of the population that knows to read is approximately 62.5%. As for the Comorian language, it does not have its own letters, and the Latin and Arabic letters are used.

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the climate

The climate of Comoros is generally tropical and temperate, with significant rainfall, and the temperature reaches nearly 30 ° C, the temperature reaches the highest temperature in April, and drops to approximately 19 ° C in the month of May to November, and the islands are exposed to many Typhoons during the rainy seasons, and are very strong to destroy the city’s infrastructure, and are formed twice every decade.

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