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Comoros honeymoon

Many people prefer marriage to spend their honeymoon in one of the charming and picturesque natural areas, and Comoros is considered the first and best option for that, thanks to its beautiful nature, moderate climate, good people and its ancient heritage, as it witnesses a remarkable and increasing increase in the number of tourists coming to it annually, especially those Wishing to spend romantic holidays with those who love.

Big Moon Island

Grande Comore Island is the largest island in terms of area among the four islands that make up the Comoros archipelago, and contains the largest volcano in the world which is still active until now, and fans of adventure and excitement can visit this volcano and enjoy enjoying the natural desert scenes from the tops of the neighboring mountains, The island also contains the cities of Mornei and Naz, which are still preserving their authentic Arabic character, as tourist services are provided to tourists coming to these two cities in a simple and traditional way away from luxury and exaggeration.


Despite the independence of the Comoros from France in the year 1975 AD, the people of this island refused independence from France, and the island of Moret remained until now under French sovereignty, and this island is considered one of the most beautiful Comoros in terms of its fine and white sandy beaches, and its clear and pure water, in addition to Its fertile and picturesque nature, as the island includes a large number of sugar fields, cocoa, coconut, and vanilla, and the tourist can enjoy spending a special trip between these fields and stop at the cafes spread on the outskirts and taste their fresh products, which are presented in a distinctive way with the sweet aroma Emission from those fields.

Anjouan Island

It is also called the pearl of the Indian Ocean, where rivers, hills and mountains of various shapes and beautiful abundance abound, and constitute a suitable haven for nature lovers and those looking for a calm and romantic atmosphere, as its forests are free of predators, which makes exploration and picnic safe and risk-free.

Cultivation of roses in the Comoros

The Four Comoros is famous for cultivating aromatic roses, as the fields of roses spread in most of their regions offer a unique romantic atmosphere for newlyweds, knowing that the vast majority of these roses are exported to France for use in the production of luxurious and expensive French perfumes.

Customs and traditions of Comoros

The people of these islands still maintain their customs and traditions and adhere to their indigenous folklore, and this can be seen from the way they wear and their religious festivals, and the friendly and loving nature of the Comorian residents helps in getting closer to them and getting to know their living nature, their customs, and their traditions closely, in addition to the possibility of sharing their religious celebrations. And the special popularity, especially that held during the holy month of Ramadan.

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