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The veto is a Latin word meaning (I refuse), which is a right granted to five permanent members of the United Nations, according to which it is authorized to veto any decision issued to the United Nations Security Council, so that the decision is canceled outright and not implemented if one or more of the five countries is established By intercepting him without the need to give reasons.

The right of veto appeared after the Second World War, and some criticized it and considered it unjust and tyrannical against the rest of the countries, as many important and fateful decisions that were to serve a number of countries were rejected due to the refusal of one of the five great countries to them, for reasons that may be due to their personal interest, which is considered Injustice and in violation of the legitimacy and purpose of the United Nations for which it was established, namely to preserve and protect the rights of weak states.

Countries with veto power

It is the five largest countries in the world:


Russia (the former Soviet Union) is responsible for more than half of the cassation decisions since the inception of the United Nations, and its foreign minister, Andrei Gromyko, was called Mr. Veto due to his excessive use of it. She used it a hundred and eighteen times, and twice during the era of the Russian Federation, the most prominent and most recent veto of a decision related to The Syrian crisis, and China participated in its decision.

United States of America

The United States used its right to veto seventy-seven times, which it began in 1970 due to a crisis in Rhodesia, and since then has increased its use of the right of veto, most of which is related to Israeli affairs and protection.

United kingdom

The United Kingdom used its right to veto thirty-two times, the first in 1956 when it rejected a letter from France to the United States to the President of the Security Council on Palestine, and the most recent was in 1989 when it objected to France and the United States of America a draft resolution condemning the American invasion of Panama.


France used its right to veto eighteen times, most recently in 1989 on the situation in Panama, and in 2003 France threatened to veto the US invasion of Iraq, causing tension in relations between France and the United States of America.


China has used its right to veto only five times, the first of which was in 1955 in the name of the Republic of China regarding a decision to grant Taiwan membership in the United Nations, but the Republic of China was expelled in 1971 from the United Nations, and the People’s Republic of China was attached to it, where its first decision was in 1972 On accepting Bangladesh as a member of the United Nations.

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