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Tourism is a travel with a goal with a certain purpose, including medicine, entertainment, discovery, religiosity, meditation, adventure, shopping, etc. There are many beautiful and distinctive tourism countries on Earth distributed among the seven continents, and we will talk in this article about the best tourist destinations in the world .

Best country for tourism


Officially known as the Russian Federation, and its capital is the city of Moscow, and it is divided administratively into eighty-three federal entities, and its land area is 17,075,400 square kilometers, and its lands are located along two continents, namely Asia and Africa, and the city contains several great historical and tourist attractions, including: Museum Pushkin Fine Arts, Bolshoi Theater, Patriarch’s Palace, Diamond Fund, Twelve Apostles Cathedral, Tretakov Gallery, Caesar Bell, Museum of Armory, Caesar Cannon, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Alexandrovsky Gardens, Novodevichy Monastery and Cemetery, Annunciation Cathedral, Red Staircase , Lenin’s Mausoleum, and the Kremlin’s castle.


It is one of the famous Swiss cities in the center, with a population of 61,034 thousand people, and Lucerne owns many tourist and archaeological attractions, including: Chapel Bridge, Lake Lucerne, Lucerne Panorama Burbaki, Museum of History of Lucerne, St. Peter’s Church and the wounded Lion Monument, The Luzern water tower, the Swiss Transport Museum, the Glacier Park, the Ruwais River, the old town, the Flauh market, and the train station.


Officially known as the United Kingdom, and its land area is 242.495 km², and its capital is the city of London, and it is located geographically on the northwestern coast of the continent of Europe, and Britain has many famous tourist attractions, including: the Stonehenge Memorial, the Big Ben clock, the Romen baths, and the Snowdonia National Park , The popular Village of Portillion, Turks Island, Lake District Park, Stratford-upon-Avon, Lake Lotness, the charming city of Cornwall, Caicos Island, Kensington Palace, Oxford Street, Westfield Mall, Windsor Castle, Westminster Church, Bond Street, and Tower London, Hampton Court and Ouksr, and Covent Garden Market, the old market Spitalfields, and Balmoral Castle, shop Haodz, and the house of Sandringham.


Its capital is the city of Ankara, with a land area of ​​78,3562 km², and a population of 76,667,864 million people. Among its most famous distinctive tourist landmarks are the effects of the Nimrard region, Amasra city, Sodoshan waterfall, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, covered market, Ayant lake, Bosphorus bridge, Chinarcik District, Hagia Sophia Museum, Taksim Square, Islamic Blue School, Mountain City Cappadocia, Karabinar Natural Baths, Oluklo Summit, Mineral Eyes, Diyar Bash Village, Uzungol Lake, Grand Mosque, Red River, Grand Bath, Gediz Murad Dagi Spring, And Caramelsler Square, and the Museum of Forces a Turkish Navy, and the Harran, the islands of the princesses.

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