The Czech Republic is one of the smallest countries in the European continent, but it is distinguished by its ancient heritage and the beauty of its countryside, which contains many amazing parks and nature reserves. Tourists enjoy discovering the country by taking a beautiful car trip because of its small size and its organized and elegant road system.

The trip starts from the beautiful capital Prague and its charming castle in the Hradakani neighborhood, which dates back to the late tenth century and included Romen Emperors and Bohemian Kings and is the current residence of the Czech President. This castle is considered the largest in the world in terms of area and contains many monuments built within its walls, including St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Church, Powder Tower and many traditional medieval workshops.

After that, one can go to Karlovy Vary, which is famous for its luxurious spa and glass industry dating back more than 150 years, and you can see the most beautiful craftsmanship in the Museum of Glass. One cannot miss the visit to the stunning bohemian paradise located in eastern Czechia, a natural area characterized by huge natural rock sculptures that defy all the laws of physics. This area is one of the geological features of UNESCO, and you can see the amazing sandy hills, natural bridges, basalt columns and tall fading tables that link each other with a group of picturesque natural paths. The area also contains a number of wonderful castles, including the Castle of Castle and Trowsky.

The visit does not end in the old town of يسeskل Krumlov, which includes a breathtaking huge castle in its splendor and architectural elegance, and includes more than 40 buildings decorated with luxurious decoration, fine furniture and large collections of wonderful artistic paintings, and you can visit the ancient Baroque theater and natural gardens that contain large areas of beautiful surrounded forests In medieval villages and towns.

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